Football Star Neymar Believes CS2 Is ‘Broken’; Asks Valve for Help


Football Star Neymar Believes CS2 Is ‘Broken’; Asks Valve for Help

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Football Neymar Jr. has sparked a debate on social media after complaining that his AWP shot didn't register in Counter-Strike 2.
Neymar criticized Counter-Strike 2 and believes the game is "broken." He also tagged CS2 developers and asked for help.

It’s a known fact that Neymar Jr. is one of the best and most famous footballers around the globe. The football star has won an Olympic Gold medal with Brazil and multiple trophies in both Spain and France, with iconic clubs Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain. What you might not know is that Neymar Jr. is a gamer as well! He’s often seen playing popular games such as PUBG and Counter-Strike 2; he even has his own Fortnite skin. However, Neymar has proven that he’s a true gamer like all of us. The football star posted an Instagram story where he called Counter-Strike 2 (CS) “broken” and complained to developers after missing an AWP shot.

Neymar Calls Counter-Strike 2 'Broken' For Missing AWP Shot

The Instagram story shows Neymar is bottom mid and aiming towards his opponents who are peeking from the top mid. Neymar decides to scope in with his AWP and take a shot. However, the enemy doesn't die, and Neymar dies after getting hit. The football superstar believed that he hit his shot and even went as far as to tag Counter-Strike's developer account in his story, calling CS "broken." The miss led to the game being a draw instead of a victory for his team.

Neymar’s Instagram story was reuploaded on X, which led to thousands of people chiming in to give their take on the situation. Many CS players in the community aren’t convinced that Neymar actually hit his shot, as he claimed. One of the top comments on X proves that most people agree that he missed, and he needs to up his CS skills. 

It’s quite difficult to say whether Neymar scored the hit, even if you watch the video. If you’ve played Counter-Strike 2, you’ve probably experienced ghost bullets in the game as well. Whether or not you agree Neymar is right, there have been concerns among the Counter-Strike 2 community regarding the game’s future. Cheaters have been running rampant in premier matches, and players are losing hope, with many streamers quitting the game altogether. The community is hoping that Valve gets on top of these issues and fixes CS2. 

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