Axie Origin V3 is a blockchain game for mobile devices


Axie Origin V3: All You Need About the Popular Blockchain-Based Game

Shivang Patel
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Axie Origin is a blockchain-based game for mobile devices
Axie Origin is a successor of the popular Axie Infinity V2
Season 0 of Axie Origin is in progress and features plenty of new updates and changes

Axie Infinity is one of the most well-known games in the blockchain gaming industry. The premise of the game revolves around fantasy pets called Axies and by using these pets, players can explore the Lunacian metaverse. Additionally, they can also take part in battles and breed their Axies. However, Axie Infinity is not Free-to-Play and players will need to buy three Axies from the Axie Marketplace to begin their adventure.

Due to this significant entry cost, many players who cannot afford to play the game shy away from it. Axie Origin was invented as a means to make the game more accessible as it has eliminated the entry cost. Axie Origin has been made available on mobile devices and players can play it without having to buy Axies from the marketplace.

Looking at the Axie Infinity timeline, users can understand more about how the game has progressed in all these years.

Timeline of Axie Infinity's evolution

Axie Infinity has a long-standing history. To completely understand the origins of Axie Infinity, we can divide it into three distinct parts:

Axie Infinity V1

Launched in June 2018, Axie Infinity V1 was a browser-based auto battler card game. Users had limited access to game mechanics and Axie would battle themselves when the game began. At that time, the game was not optimized and remained unpolished.

Axie Infinity Classic V2

One of the most famous versions of the Axie Infinity universe is the Axie Infinity Classic V2. In this version, developers added a ton of new features and updated the battle mechanics. Users were able to actively participate in the battle and wholly enjoy the gameplay. This version also presented three secret Axie races called the Mech, Dusk, and Dawn. Fan-favorite Adventure mode which provided users with an opportunity to earn the $SLP tokens was also introduced.

Axie Infinity: Origin V3

Axie Origin V3 was created with the idea to make the game more accessible and lure new players to blockchain-based games. Unlike the previous versions, Axie Origin was made available on mobile devices. Axie Origin featured a sequential turn-based battle. This enabled users to choose their moves after each round compared to selecting moves at the beginning like Axie Infinity V2. Apart from a significant change in battle mechanics, Axie Origin also saw changes in card stats, and random critical hits were also removed.

Current State of Axie Origin V3

Axie Origin, which was invented as a gateway for users to explore the world of blockchain gaming, has now become a full-fledged title of its own. After a successful Alpha Season that averaged 3000 downloads a day and projected a growth percentage of 263.636%, Axie Origin has entered Phase Three of its initial roadmap. Phase Three of Axie Origin marks the introduction of Season 0. $SLP token rewards will be promptly removed from Axie Infinity V2 and will be introduced in Axie Origin V3. There will be additional changes in the crafting system and NFT Runes and Charms will also be added. Season 0 has increased leaderboard rewards to attract potential players and incentivize current ones.

With a plethora of updates and changes, Axie Origin V3 is tasked with carrying on the legacy of Axie Infinity. So far, Axie Origin has attracted significant user interest and is considered to be one of the most played blockchain-based games. With dedicated developers and loyal players, Axie Origin has the potential to introduce blockchain gaming to the broader community.

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