Axie Origin Season 0 Is Here: Phase 3 Has Finally Begun

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Axie Origin Season 0 was announced on 12th August</p></div>
Axie Origin Season 0 was announced on 12th August


Axie Origin Season 0 was announced on 12th August
With this, Axie Origin is entering phase three of its release plan
Changes in Season 0 include the introduction of SLP rewards, updates to the crafting system, NFT Runes and Charms, and much more.

Axie Origin has quickly gained popularity among fans of blockchain gaming. Initially, it was launched as a free-to-play substitute for the famous Axie Infinity title. But after witnessing the overwhelmingly positive response, Axie Origin has now started to function as an independent game. After the successful Alpha season, many fans worldwide have been patiently waiting for the launch of Season 0 of Axie Origin. On 12th August, Axie announced the transition of Origin into phase three, marking the launch of Season 0. As part of this transition, a plethora of important changes have been introduced to the game mechanics and the introduction of SLP rewards is one among them.

Updates and Changes in Axie Origin Season 0

Users will be greeted by a sea of changes in the Axie Origin Season 0. These changes include updates to game mechanics and the introduction of new features. Some of these are based on the player feedback that was collected in the Alpha Season. Let’s dive into the details.

Introduction of Smooth Love Potion ($SLP)

The $SLP token will be moved from Axie Infinity Classic (V2) to Axie Origin. The introduction of the $SLP token in Axie Origin will help manage the tokenomics better due to the presence of different abilities in Origin. The $SLP token will be distributed as a reward in PvP battles, meaning that players need to climb up the leaderboard in order to receive better incentives. The $SLP obtained here will also be useful in crafting runes and charms.

Increase in Leaderboard Rewards

Season 0 also marks an increase in player rewards distribution. In the Alpha Season 49K $AXS tokens were distributed to 10K players, and now in Season 0, 60K $AXS tokens will be distributed to 20K players. This means more people will have the chance to earn monetary rewards in Axie Origin and will help with user engagement and retention.

Changes in Crafting System

Users can now craft runes and charms that can directly be minted onto the blockchain. These can be bought, sold, traded, or even gifted to other players. In Season 0, there will be new crafting recipes but crafting utility items such as moondust and moonstone will no longer be possible. However, these can be earned by progressing through the game. Apart from this, there is also a small change to utility item percentages.


Disenchanting allows runes and charms to have sustained utility. Based on how players use their time and resources, they will gain value from this. This particular change hopes to strike the right balance between players who disenchant and players who do not.

Disenchanting Changes

NFT Runes and Charms

The beginning of Season 0 will mark the introduction of NFT Runes and Charms using ERC-1155 tokens. Dubbed as “Ronin” Runes and Charms, these objects will require $SLPs to craft. It can be minted on the blockchain and can be used traded or gifted using the marketplace. There is also a fixed minting fee of $3 USD in AXS per rune/charm.

Moon Shard and Reward Changes

Methods to earn Moon Shard and crafting items like Moon Dust and Ancient Moonstone will undergo changes in Season 0. Much like with $SLP rewards, the goal is to reward players who climb the leaderboard and progress through the ranks. There will be increased Moon Shards from ranked arena wins, and rewards from increasing crafting level. Utility crafting items will be distributed in the first-time rank-up rewards. There is also a decrease in Moon Shards from first time rank up. Players will earn fewer Moon Shards through Adventure, Star Milestone, and the Foraging box. Notably, another major change includes the removal of Moon Shards from account level up.

Changes in Matchmaking and Victory Star

In Season 0, there will be a change in the matchmaking. Apart from this, there will be a 10x for all Victory Stars for an easier transition to ELO. There will be a new challenger ELO system and along with this, Victory Star decay will be introduced.

Season 0 Stickers

Players will be handed out stickers for reaching the Chick rank and finishing in the top 20,000 on the Season 0 leaderboard.

Balancing Changes

Balancing changes impact the game mechanics and are considered to be an important part of any new in-game update. Season 0 balancing changes will see changes around Energy/Card scaling, AoE [Area of Effect], Card, and Rune changes.

With these changes, Axie Origin is all set to venture into phase three of its roadmap. Season 0 has been one of the most awaited events in the blockchain gaming industry and much like the Alpha Season, users can expect a positive growth rate in Season 0. To know more about the changes in Season 0, users can visit the official Axie substack

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