Synergy Land is a block-chain-based ARPG which is yet to be released


Synergy Land: All You Need to Know About the Blockchain-based ARPG

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Synergy Land is a blockchain-based ARPG.
Users can explore the open world, defeat bosses, and discover loot in dungeons.
The Synergy Lands' ecosystem features two native tokens called $SNG and $ACN that can be used for trading and governance.

Blockchain games have been on the rise in recent times. However, we see a lot of projects that are similar to the already existing Web3 games. At the moment, there is a lack of creativity in blockchain-based games and this, in turn, leads to user interest diminishing. But Synergy Land hopes to bring in change and fix these glaring issues.

Synergy Land is a blockchain-based Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) that is divided into four ecosystems: Fire, water, earth, and ice. Users can explore the open world and choose to play different heroes. They can discover dungeons and take on powerful bosses in teams of four using a team-based spell system. Inspired by Diablo and Path of Exile, Synergy Land hopes to create an ecosystem that bodes well for experienced and new players alike. Players will be able to trade in-game assets and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and also play cross-platform in this blockchain-based, open-world game.

What can you do in Synergy Land?

Synergy Land is an immersive 3D world game with a large exploration area, where players can fight dangerous bosses and craft items to progress in the game. However, the core gameplay of Synergy Land involves two main aspects – Heroes and Pets.

Heroes are characters that players can choose to play as. Users must master the skills of the selected heroes to maximize their chance of victory when battling bosses. Upon selecting a hero, users can compete in arena battles and win rewards by ranking higher on the leaderboard each season. Apart from the arena, users can also team up with friends to play in the multiplayer mode. Playing as a team increases the chances of defeating enemies and reaping rewards from the dungeons.

Along with Heroes, users can also choose their pets at the beginning of the game. With pets, players are presented with the opportunity to compete in turn-based RPG battles. There are unique sets of abilities for each pet and mastering them will give the player the chance to combine abilities and create powerful synergies. Users can also earn NFT prices by ranking among the best players on the leaderboard.

Two compatible pets can be brought together to produce an offspring. Once pets are bred, they will lay an egg which will need hatching. The new pet inherits the properties of its parents. However, using the items obtained from dungeons, these properties can be manipulated.

How to play Synergy Land

Synergy Land is not out yet. So those who are interested in the game will have to wait for some time before they get their hands on it. The $SNG token launch and staking platform is scheduled to release in August along with Land Presale in December. However, the official date of the game's release has not been disclosed.

Synergy Land Marketplace

Unlike most blockchain-based games, Synergy Land has two marketplaces, both of which are web and in-game-based. According to Synergy Games, the NFT and FT [fungible tokens] marketplaces allow players to trade using the $SNG token and the $ACN token, respectively.

NFT Marketplace

The NFT market will solely be used for trading in-game NFTs. As the users explore the open world and rank up on the leaderboard, they will receive NFT rewards. These can be bought and sold via the NFT marketplace. Trading in the NFT marketplace is done using the $SNG token.

FT Marketplace

In this marketplace, players will be able to trade FT items using $ACN token. The separate marketplace ensures user convenience and makes sure that use-cases do not overlap. $ACN tokens can also be earned via completing daily missions.

$SNG Token

The $SNG token is widely used in Synergy Land for governance purposes. Holders will also be able to earn rewards by staking this token and are able to vote on governance issues. A part of $SNG tokens obtained from marketplace fees will be used to fund a treasury for game development.

$ACN Token

$ACN token is purely designed as a reward token. Users can get them from daily missions and other in-game activities. The total supply of $ACN is not fixed but several burning mechanisms are in place to make sure that the token does not get devalued.

While Synergy Land promises to bring a breath of fresh air to the blockchain gaming space, users will have to wait to see how it all pans out. To learn more about Synergy Lands in detail, users can refer to the official Whitepaper.

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