TenthPlanet announced two upcoming blockchain-based games Mech Angel and Alien Mews


TenthPlanet Announces Two New Blockchain-Based Games

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TenthPlanet recently announced two upcoming blockchain-based games - Mech Angel and Alien Mews
Beta testing of Mech Angel PC is expected to come out in Q1 2023.
Alien Mews beta testing is also scheduled for Q1 2023.

The TenthPlanet game studio recently announced the launch of two new blockchain-based games. The two new games namely Mech Angel and Alien Mews have been in development for quite some time and owing to the vast experience of the developers, the company has also managed to secure external funding.

TenthPlanet was initially founded by William Wei Chan, former game development leader of TikTok gaming. William Wei Chan was also the founder of a popular tech company called Mokun Technology, which was sold to TikTok in 2019 in a deal valued in an excess of $200 Million USD. The company later launched TikTok games, like One Piece, which were an instant hit for the target audience.

Mech Angel is an MMOARPG (massively multiplayer online action roleplaying game) that draws inspiration from already popular titles such as Genshin Impact. The storyline points to a world where there is no peace and humans are forced to battle armed mecha robots to restore harmony. Users will be able to play as different characters and team strategy will be at the center of this game. On the other hand, Alien Mews is a cat metaverse where users can raise and interact with digital pets.

What is TenthPlanet's Mech Angel?

Mech Angel is an anime-styled MMOARPG game. So far, TenthPlanet has invested a significant amount of money at around $6.5 Million USD and plans to raise more money in the funding rounds. Mech Angel will feature Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player vs Player (PvP) game modes. Users will be able to complete environment-based challenges or compete against other players. The animated art style is used vividly throughout the game as user interest in Japanese-style animation has increased globally and has become mainstream.

Mech Angel plans to launch on iOS, Android, and PC. So far, the beta testing for mobile devices is already completed. Along with this, the company hopes to launch a demo for PC in the fourth quarter and beta testing in Q1 2023. Additionally, the development of in-game wallets and the marketplace is also underway as the game hopes to have a complete ecosystem ready before launch.

What is Alien Mews?

Alien Mews is a cat life metaverse where users can breed and nurture a digital cat. This game draws inspiration from Crypto Kitties as users here can generate value from breeding their cats. Currently, Tenth Planet has already invested around $2.5 Million USD in this game. These funds will be used to develop an extensive metaverse where users can collect, breed, train, and upgrade their cats. Apart from this, the players will also be able to compete in mini-games with their cats.

Alien Mews is expected to have a video demo available in Q3 2022 along with a playable demo in Q4 2022. The company plans to launch a beta version of Alien Mews in Q1 2023 with ample mini-games for users to play with their cats.

Views on the development and future of the blockchain gaming space

The blockchain gaming space has seen massive growth in the last couple of years as users transition from pay-to-win to the play-to-earn model of games. Regarding the company’s venture into web3 blockchain games, Chen said, "It’s changing a pure entertainment experience into an entertaining and economic experience."

While praising blockchain technology for enabling seamless transactions between users, Chen pointed out that he was aware of the concerns that the West has regarding blockchain gaming. He said that not everything in the game will involve NFTs or virtual assets. He explained, "It goes back to the core idea of whether a game is an entertaining experience, our job is to let you enjoy your screen-time dollars. Gamers won’t have to think about the blockchain when they play our game. It will be like any entertaining experience for normal gamers.”

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