How to Download Axie Infinity for Android and iOS


How to Download Axie Infinity for Android and iOS

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Axie Infinity for mobile can be downloaded in the official download page of the game.
Ronin Wallet and MetaMask are the apps required to play Axie Infinity on Mobile.
The iOS version requires the TestFlight app in order to run Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular Non-fungible token (NFT) games in the world. The game recently released its latest update, the Axie Origin which features new gameplay mechanics for players to explore and theorycraft. The game allows players to earn cryptocurrencies such as Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) which can be exchanged for real-life currency. The game is currently available on PC and can also be played on Android and iOS devices. However, the Axie Origin update can only be played on PC but plans for the release of the mobile update are in play.

Install Axie Infinity for Android and iOS

In order to play the game, players are required to register their own Ronin Wallet and MetaMask. This gives players digital access to the game’s in-game currency and converts them to real money currency at a cheaper price.

Install Axie Infinity for Android and iOS mobile users

Install Ronin Wallet

  • Download Ronin Wallet through the official links for Android and iOS.

  • Install the app

  • Open the app and register for a Ronin Wallet account.

Install MetaMask

  • Download MetaMask through the official links for Android and iOS.

  • Install the app

  • Open the app and register for a MetaMask account.

Players are also required to purchase at least three Axies in the official Axie Infinity marketplace. Without an Axie, players won’t be able to play the game. The Axie Origin update provides players with three free starter Axies. However, this update is only available for PC players.

Install Axie Infinity for Android

  • Download the game through the official Android Play Store.

  • Install the app

  • Open the app and log in to play the game.

Unlike Android, the iOS version requires players to use the TestFlight app before they can play Axie Infinity.

Install Axie Infinity using TestFlight for iOS

  • Download the TestFlight app through the iOS store

  • Install the TestFlight app

  • Head to the official Axie Infinity website and download the game for iOS users.

  • Open the TestFlight app

  • Apply to be an Axie Infinity playtester

  • Wait for approval. (This may take some time)

  • Once you get approved, open the Axie Infinity app

  • Submit the QR code provided in order to log in to the game.

Once you have the necessary apps, you can easily access Axie Infinity anytime through your mobile device. Keep in mind that you should keep your account information private to prevent your in-game currency and Axies from being stolen.

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