Thetan Arena is a blockchain game based on the MOBA survival premise.


Thetan Arena: Here’s How You Can Earn Money in This MOBA Game

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Thetan Arena is a blockchain game based on the MOBA survival premise.
The game has over 24 Million total users and offers exciting game modes.
THC can be received by participating in battle and ranking up while THG is distributed based on its usage and contribution.

The popularity of blockchain gaming has steadily increased in recent years and new titles are flooding the markets every day. However, as the number of titles increases, players tend to seek games with exciting token rewards and lively gameplay. Thetan Arena, a blockchain-based game, has attracted over 24 Million people to its platform with a unique MOBA survival premise and is keeping the players engaged.

What can you do in Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena has exciting game modes that have well-balanced battle mechanics. Therefore, they create a pleasurable experience for all players. Currently, Thetan Arena features five thrilling game modes:

Battle Royale

Twelve players compete in a battleground with the objective to be the last man standing. After a certain amount of time, a ring-shaped border forms around the arena, and players left outside will be eliminated. Users need to destroy supply boxes to gain bonus power points.

Tower Siege

Players are divided into two teams and are tasked to destroy the opponent's tower. Teams need to summon the Siege Robot by collecting batteries. The game ends when a tower is destroyed. Alternatively, if the time runs out, the tower with more health will be declared the winner.


In this team-based game mode, players need to collect Point Stars to obtain match points. The team that has more match points when the game ends, will be declared the winner. On the other hand, if any team reaches the 50-match point threshold, it will automatically be declared the winner


The main objective of this mode is to eliminate as many players as possible within the given time limit to be declared the winner. If a player reaches 25 elimination points, the game will end and that player will be announced as the winner.


Players can do as they please in this game mode. Users can invite friends, choose a custom map, decide the number of players and make the game truly their own.

How to earn money in Thetan Arena?

The economy of Thetan Arena is based on two main tokens: Thetan Coin (THC) and Thetan Gem (THG)

How to Earn Thetan Coin (THC)

Thetan Coin (THC) is a utility-based rewarding token. Players can earn THC by competing in battles. The amount of THC a player receives is also influenced by their Class and Hero. Alternatively, players can receive Quest Points after successfully completing quests and these points can be exchanged for THC. Notably, Thetan Arena distributed THC tokens as ranking rewards so that players feel incentivized to climb through the ranks and obtain more THC tokens. THC can be used for buying Thetan Box and can also be gifted to other players.

How to Earn Thetan Gem (THG)

Thetan Gem (THG) is the governance token of Thetan Arena. THG will be awarded to players based on their actual usage, activities, and contributions in the game. THG provides economic incentives to encourage users to actively use it to contribute to the community.

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