Thetan Arena announces Quest-To-Earn events which can allow players to obtain NFT heroes for free


Blockchain Esports MOBA Thetan Arena is Giving Away NFT Heroes in Special Event

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Thetan Arena announces Quest-To-Earn events which can allow players to obtain NFT heroes for free
These are new mechanics to allow players to earn rewards through the completion of quests, daily check ins and more
Thetan Arena is working in collaboration with Coinbase for eligible players to win loot boxes which have a chance to give away an NFT hero

Blockchain-based esports multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) Thetan Arena has announced new ways for players to get rewards. Their new promotion, Quest-To-Earn, gives players a chance to unlock an NFT hero as well as in-game rewards and tokens. The Quest-To-Earn event is coming to a close in just over two days, so players will need to hurry up to take part in the event before it ends.

How can you earn rewards through the Quest to Earn

Quest-to-Earn is a series of events and features from Thetan Arena, aiming to take the community on a long journey filled with joys & special moments,” said Thetan Arena team member Mipan.

Once players complete the available quests for points, they can earn rewards based on points they have earned. Once players have enough rewards, they can then unlock quest boxes. These contain in-game cosmetics, the game’s in-game token Thetan Coin (THC) and more importantly a chance to obtain NFT Heroes.

Currently there are two ways to obtain rewards through Quest-To-Earn

  1. The Marketplace Quest that allows players the chance to receive NFT heroes and other rewards such as in-game cosmetics and tokens simply by checking on available quests within the Thetan Arena marketplace and completing them. These can include trading on the marketplace, listing items and more.

  2. Connecting your Coinbase Wallet to Thetan Arena for the first time will reward you with Coinbase Loot. The first Loot box gives you free Common, Epic, and even Legendary NFT heroes. Players also have a chance of obtaining other attractive gifts like Power Points and Epic NFT Cosmetic item - Banana Spaceship.

Thetan Arena's Quest to Earn is not COMPLETELY free

It should be noted that even though the game is free to play, and you can win NFT heroes through the completion of available quests, players should keep in mind that the NFT heroes that you earn via quest boxes as rewards need to be minted.

This process requires in-game tokens loaded into your wallet. The quest boxes also have a system where the NFT heroes are categorized based on rarity. This means Common Heroes have a high drop as compared to gTHC.

The drop rate goes as follows:

· Common Hero: 40%

· Epic Hero: 25%

· Legendary Hero: 15%

· Cosmetic: 13%

· gTHC: 7%

Additional features that Thetan Arena has added

The new Marketplace Quest has also introduced a leaderboard. Those looking to fight their way to be the best can grind in-game and rank up the leaderboards to beat the very best of players. Those involved in the leaderboard system also will be rewarded based on their rankings.

Other than the leaderboards, partnership and quest boxes, players can also earn reward points through Daily Check-ins. Simply by checking in on the Thetan Marketplace daily, players can earn extra reward points which can be exchanged for NFT prizes.

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