Gods Unchained is a blockchain trading card game based on the Play-to-Earn model


Gods Unchained: All You Need to Know About Ranks in This Trading Card Game

Shivang Patel
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Gods Unchained is a blockchain-based Play-to-Earn trading card game.
It has three distinct game modes– Solo, Ranked, and Direct Challenge. It also has other exciting events like the Weekend Ranked Constructed.
Ranks in Gods Unchained start from Tier One – Rusted Bronze and go all the way to Tier 12 – Mythic

Trading card games have emerged as an attractive option for developers to experiment in the blockchain technology space. At the forefront of this is Gods Unchained. This trading card game has seen its popularity rise tremendously in recent times. Gods Unchained has over 13 Million non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Immutable X with over 65,000 unique asset holders. With a sustainable in-game economy and true digital ownership of assets, Gods Unchained remains is a top contender for users looking to venture into blockchain gaming.

Game Modes in Gods Unchained

Trading card games have no entry barrier. This means both new and experienced players can easily get accustomed to games like Gods Unchained. The main goal of this fantasy trading card game is to bring the opponent God’s health to zero. Both players assemble a 30 card deck that includes summoning creatures, casting spells, and equipping relics to fight it out in the Arena. Gods Unchained has three distinct game modes catering to the preferences of the audience.

1. Solo Mode

Solo Mode is an ideal choice for new players to learn the ropes of Gods Unchained. Players can play against a computer-controlled opponent (AI) and experiment with various deck builds.

2. Ranked Mode

In this mode, users can engage in Player vs Player (PvP) battles with other opponents. Users will earn experience points and card packs for leveling up and climbing through the ranks.

3. Direct Challenge Mode

Users can challenge their friends or other players to a private match in the Direct Challenge Mode. This is a great mode to help first-time players and it also presents the opportunity to try out different decks as an experienced player.

Ranks in Gods Unchained

Apart from the normal Ranked Mode, Gods Unchained also has a weekend event called the Weekend Ranked Constructed. Unlike the regular ranked mode where players can earn $GODS token, this event enables users to win prizes based on their performance and rank. The ranks in Gods Unchained start from Tier One and go all the way to Tier 12.

  • Tier One – Rusted Bronze (B)

  • Tier Two – Purified Bronze (B+)

  • Tier Three – Rusted Iron (I)

  • Tier Four – Purified Iron (I+)

  • Tier Five – Impact Meteorite (M)

  • Tier Six – Astral Meteorite (M+)

  • Tier Seven – Twilight Shadow (S)

  • Tier 8 –- Midnight Shadow (S+)

  • Tier 9 – Auric Gold (G)

  • Tier 10 – Solar Gold (G+)

  • Tier 11 – Ethereal Diamond (D)

  • Tier 12 – Mythic (M)

Gods Unchained is slowly but surely climbing to the top as one of the most popular games in the blockchain gaming industry, thanks to its attractive token model and exciting gameplay. In the trading card game space, Gods Unchained has indisputably established its dominance by becoming one of the most played games. With constant updates and new features rolling out, this game has a well-defined roadmap and an exciting future.

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