Gods Unchained is a game that combines the aspects of a free-to-play game and Play-to-Earn game


Gods Unchained: Here’s How You Can Make Money Playing This Card Game

Shivang Patel
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Gods Unchained is a Free-to-Play blockchain game based on the Play-to-Earn model.
In this card-battler game, the primary objective is to bring the opponent God's health to zero.
Common earning methods include the creation and trading of NFTs and participating in staking pools by voting.

With the introduction of blockchain technology, Web3 gaming has seen massive growth in recent years. For developers, this translates to more users turning to this platform and thereby they see more opportunities. On the other hand, players are finally able to earn in return for the countless hours they invest in a game. However, one of the most critical issues with blockchain gaming is the entry barrier. Even popular games like Axie Infinity have a certain upfront cost that users need to bear to start playing.

The need of the hour is a free-to-play blockchain game that works on a Play-to-Earn (P2E) model. Gods Unchained comes into the scene with a plan to execute this. Gods Unchained is a collectible, fantasy trading card game built on the Ethereum network. Although the game is free to play, it provides plenty of scaling opportunities for users. Players can reach the highest ranks without ever spending a dime.

What can you do in Gods Unchained?

The gameplay of Gods Unchained is pretty straightforward. Two users face each other in an arena to determine who is the stronger player. Users have the option to choose from Nature, Light, Deception, Death, War, or Magic. The goal of the fight is to bring the opponent God’s health to zero.

All players assemble a deck of 30 cards. These cards include summoning creatures, casting spells, and equipping relics. All cards come with a pre-determined mana cost. Each card also comes with different abilities that can either be used to defend your God or attack the opponent’s God. Gods Unchained is a turn-based card battler. which means that if a user fails to make a move in their stipulated time, the turn is then passed to the next player. The only way to win here is to outsmart your opponent and formulate effective battle strategies.

How can you earn in Gods Unchained?

Although Gods Unchained is free-to-play, it provides plenty of opportunities for users to earn from the game. The most important part of the Gods Unchained ecosystem is the $GODS token. Users start playing for free and are rewarded $GODS token through Weekend Ranked rewards, Daily token rewards, Quests, Seasonal Rewards, Tournaments, and special game modes. Obtaining the $GODS token opens up plenty of opportunities for earning.

Crafting NFTs

Using $GODS tokens as fees, players can use the forge feature in Gods Unchained. Through the forge feature, players can craft new NFTs that can be used in-game or sold on the marketplace. Users who have two identical plain cards can fuse them to create a Meteorite card that has a real-world value.

Staking Pools

Staking Pools is one of the easiest ways to earn in Gods Unchained. Staking rewards are distributed to all players who qualify as active stakers. The staking pool consists of $GODS token collected from the forge and acquisition activity in the marketplace. Staking rewards are claimable to all users who qualify at a seven-day interval.

Governance and Voting

Through voting, users can qualify as active stakers and earn rewards from the staking pool. Players with $GODS token are eligible to vote in any community proposal. If a player has a certain amount of tokens available, they can also put in a proposal and other members can vote on it. Common voting issues include allocation of token reserves, community and ecosystem fund distribution, changes in token supply, and sponsorship or grant recipients.

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