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COD Mobile: Battle Royale Warfare Mode Has Been Released

John Dave Rossel
13/Feb/2021 09:50 am

COD Mobile released the Battle Royale Warfare game mode and will last until Feb. 18, 2021.
The Battle Royale Warfare game mode is a 20v20 team deathmatch with a mix of Battle Royale mechanics to spice up the gameplay.
This game mode is one of the Battle Royale innovations presented by Activision in COD Mobile.

The COD Mobile Battle Royale Warfare game mode is making a comeback. This game mode works like Team Deathmatch but is set in a Battle Royale Map where they can ride vehicles or set up ambushes to gain an advantage. Forty players are divided into two teams equally where they fight each other and earn points to win the match. It is one of the most popular Battle Royale game modes released in COD Mobile. The game mode will last until Feb. 18, 2021. Here is a quick look at this highly anticipated Battle Royale Warfare game mode in COD Mobile. 

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COD Mobile: Battle Royale Warfare Mode Details

The Battle Royale Warfare game mode divides players into two teams with twenty players each. These teams have their specific bases isolated on the map. Similar to Battle Royale, players will need to drop off to the battlefield. They can choose to drop off on a safe spot or dive deep into enemy territory and try to get kills while looting. 

COD Mobile Battle Royale Warfare Mode is making a comeback.

With the Battle Royale mechanics and a large map to explore, this game mode will be intense for both teams as they secure locations and loots before the enemy team does. Since there are only two teams, everyone will be working together to benefit their team by giving loots they don’t necessarily need to other players.

Vehicles will also be available for players to secure. These vehicles will prove crucial for each team so they can move around faster and secure advantageous locations on the map. The possibilities are endless for this game mode. 

One of the Battle Royale Warfare Game Mode’s best features is that players can infinitely respawn as long as the match is still going. This means that players with custom load-outs will respawn their weapon and full ammo. This feature certainly adds a new twist to the Battle Royale genre. 

How to Play the COD Mobile: Battle Royale Warfare Mode

  1. In the main menu, tap on the Battle Royale button. 
  2. The Battle Royale interface will be pop-up and show the game modes Classic and Warfare. 
  3. Select the Warfare Game Mode.
  4. You can choose between Third Person Perspective (TPP) or First Person Perspective (FPP).
  5. Click on “Confirm” and start the matchmaking.
Battle Royale Warfare Mode will be available until Feb. 18, 2021.Select "Warfare" in the Battle Royale Interface to start playing the game mode.

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Activision’s creative innovations of the Battle Royale genre has really garnered the support of its fans. This is a new twist to the traditional Battle Royale mechanics and makes players rethink their strategies instead of the usual camping and looting. 

It will be interesting to see the meta of this new game mode


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