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COD Mobile: New Maps That Will Likely Be Added in 2021

John Dave Rossel
9/Feb/2021 11:14 am

COD Mobile adds three new maps in their public test builds, indicating their upcoming release
The new maps are named Shipment 2019, Oasis, and Shoot House which have already been featured in the PC versions of the game.

A few new maps might be added to Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) in the near future. The recent public tests builds for the game revealed three new maps in the game’s files. These Public Test Builds are used to test and polish upcoming content in the game before officially releasing it on the regular servers. The three new maps are Shipment 2019, Oasis, and Shoot House. The release date for these maps is yet to be revealed. Here is a quick look at the upcoming maps for COD Mobile.

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New Maps Are Coming to COD Mobile

Shipment 2019

Shipment 2019 was first introduced on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and will soon make its way into the mobile version of the game. The new COD Mobile map is littered with cargo crates that players can use for cover. If it is added to the game, Shipment 2019 will be the smallest map in COD Mobile making it a really good map for using shotguns and other short-range weapons. 

Shipment 2019 will soon be added in COD MobileShipment 2019 is one of the smallest maps in COD Mobile.


This upcoming map was already showcased during COD Mobile’s alpha test in early 2019. However, it was removed from the game when it was officially released for the public. But it looks like Oasis is finally making a comeback. 

The Oasis map will soon be added in COD Mobile.Oasis map is set in a hotel in Dubai.

The map is set in a hotel in Dubai and is considerably large with long alleyways allowing players to move freely around the map and set up ambush spots. So players who prefer a strategic approach to the game will really enjoy Oasis.

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Shoot House

Similar to the Shipment 2019, this new map was first introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) and will soon be added to the mobile version as a multiplayer map. The new map was first revealed in the Chinese version of COD Mobile and is expected to make it to the global versions of the game. Shoot House is considerably small allowing a fast-paced and action-packed match.

Shoot House will soon make its way into COD Mobile.Shoot House is Expected to be added in COD Mobile soon.

The release dates for these new maps are yet to be announced. Fans have speculated that these maps will be released in COD Mobile within two seasons. In the meantime, players can enjoy a ton of exciting new events in COD Mobile including the Fight For Humanity event, and receive in-game rewards like gun skin or new operators. 


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