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Wild Rift: The Lunar Hunt Event to Go Live on Feb 10th

John Dave Rossel
3/Feb/2021 08:40 am

Riot Games is collaborating with Codashop to host Lunar Hunt Event.
Discover the mystery of Miss Fortune's missing Ox Pistols and win Wild Cores and official Wild Rift Merchandise.
The event will be available on Feb. 10, 2021. Players will have to check the official social media pages of Codashop and get clues and answer questions in the official Lunar Hunt Website.

The Lunar Hunt Event puts players into the shoes of a detective to solve the mystery of the missing Ox Pistols. The Lunar Hunt Event which will take place on Feb. 10, 2021, will have players venture and find clues as to where Miss Fortune’s pistols are. It is being hosted by Riot Games in partnership with Codashop, one of the most popular top-up websites in Asia. Players who will participate in the Lunar Hunt Event will have a chance to win exclusive Wild Rift merchandise, in-game wild cores, or a champion of your choice. Here are more details on how you can participate in this event.

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The Lunar Hunt Event

The Lunar Hunt event has quite an interesting back story. According to Riot Games,

As the Lunar New Year comes to a close, Alistar, Fiora, Jarvan, Darius, and Miss Fortune watched the fireworks and the lion dance that happen to pass by their place. As they went back inside after watching such a spectacle, Miss Fortune goes on a tantrum. Her precious Ox Pistols are missing and it’s up to the players to help find out the whereabouts of those pistols and save the day.

The Lunar Hunt Event will be available on Feb. 10, 2021.Join the hunt and discover the mystery of the missing Ox Pistols.

This event will be available for players in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Cambodia. The event is a “search and answer” campaign where players will have to collaborate with other players and figure out the answers to the questions provided by the event. 

How to Join the Lunar Hunt Event?

The event requires players to follow the official social media accounts of Codashop. Their social media accounts vary depending on your region so be sure to check their website to find the links associated with your region. 

Codashop will post various Wild Rift related posts on their social media accounts and it’s up to the players to read and figure out the clues hidden in their posts. It might be best to collaborate with other players to make it easier to find clues and answer the questions.

Once the story reaches its conclusion, players will already have the clues they need to answer all questions. Players can submit their entries on the official Lunar Hunt Event site.

Prizes of the Lunar Hunt Event

Here are the prizes that players can get by participating in the Lunar Hunt Event;

  • Wild Rift Swag Bag (10 Players)
  • 1,125 Wild Cores (30 Players)
  • Exclusive Lunar Beast Mobile Wallpaper (20 Players)
  • Exclusive signed Wild Rift eCard (30 Players)
  • Champion of Your Choice (10 Players)

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More details will be provided by Riot Games soon enough. For now, you can call your friends and prepare yourselves for this event and get a chance to win wild cores and official Wild RIft merchandise. 


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