Akosi Dogie Welcomes Aether Rift in their Organization

John Dave Rossel
17/Jan/2021 07:16 am

Aether Rift is returning to their old roots, Aether Esports, and pursue their career as a Wild Rift esports team.
The esports team is doing well so far on various small scale Wild Rift tournaments. However, they find it hard to get sponsors to further advertise themselves.
Aether Esports and their Co-owner Akosi Dogie haven’t made any comments regarding this announcement. But this is a good turn of events for Aether Rift as they finally have an organization that can help them in their journey.

Popular Filipino esports team Aether Rift, created by Aether Esports, plans to go back to its roots and pursue its ambitions of picking up a Wild Rift team to compete in the esports circuit shortly. 

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What is Aether Rift

Aether Rift was an esports team under the organization Aether Esports. The team eventually started to go on its own path, separate from the organization, and experienced success in various small scale Wild Rift tournaments. But the team has had a hard time advertising themselves and finding sponsors. 

The team was crowned champion in the Ranmen National Wild Rift Tournament by scoring 2 wins and no losses against NexGen esports in the finals. The future looks bright for the team. Currently, the only thing they are missing is an organization that can maximize their potential and showcases their talents. 

Aether Esports Welcomes Back Aether Rift

A sudden turn of events surprised their fans when Aether Rift announced on a Twitter post that they are returning to Aether Esports. 

This is a good deal for Aether Rift as the organization can help them bolster their audience and hopefully gain more fans in the process. The esports team will finally have an organization that can take care of them. 

Aether Esports and their Co-owner Akosi Dogie haven’t made any comments regarding this announcement. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for upcoming updates regarding Aether Rift’s return to their old roots. 

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Aether Rift is also participating in the ongoing Wild Rift Asia Brawl alongside big esports teams like Bigetron Infinity, 16Bit Gear, Omega Esports, and more. Will they be able to dominate the scene just like what they did on the Ranmen National Tournament? We’ll find out soon enough. 

You can watch the Wild Rift Asia Brawl tournament live on the YouTube channel of Assassin Dave, one of the tournament organizers. 


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