COD: Mobile China vs Garena: What Are The Key Differences?

Nutan Lele
9/Jan/2021 02:16 pm

Chinese Call of Duty: Mobile's preregistration garnered over 60 million entries.
Now that the game has officially gone live in China, we look at some of the key differences between Garena COD Mobile and its Chinese counterpart.
We examine login differences, settings, game modes, and core gameplay differences.

After a long wait for Chinese Call of Duty fans, the franchise’s mobile version is officially out in their country. After receiving a license to launch it back in August 2020, the game released officially on December 25th 2020. Developed by Tencent’s TiMi Studio, the game was awaited by millions as the pre-registration garnered more than 60 million entries and the game debuted at No. 1 on the iOS games chart. In this article, we look at the differences between the Chinese version of COD: Mobile and the Garena version seen in different game settings and progressions. Here are some of the highlights. 

COD Mobile Login Option Differences

While the game’s Garena version supports Guest, Garena and Facebook login, the Chinese one only supports Guest, WeChat, and QQ login. It also requires you to use your Chinese ID to enter as per government guidelines. Foreigners, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong residents must contact Tencent’s customer service and send their passport copy or resident status for approval. 

China loginCourtesy: GAMErHyNas

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Game Settings

Unlike the Garena version, COD: Mobile China has one basic mode and two types of advanced modes. The second advanced variant has a 1 tap ADS combined with auto-firing. So the Chinese version basically recognized 3 types of players: a casual, a semi-hardcore, and a hardcore player, each with different necessities required as per settings. 

Game Modes, Maps and Weapon Upgrades

Unlike the Garena version which is in its 13th season, COD: Mobile China is in Season 1 but its game modes are different from COD: Mobile Garena. The Chinese version’s Season 1 has all weapons separated into different weapon types, each with their different XP systems. In COD: Mobile Garena, different skins of the same weapon required different upgrades. 

The multiplayer mode has its differences as well. The Chinese version has a special Map exclusive to it called the Oasis. While the ranked mode in Garena has Death Match, Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Domination, the Chinese version has Frontline instead of Hardpoint.

The Battle Royale gameplay is the same in both but with minor aesthetic changes.

China BR interfaceCourtesy: GAMErHyNas

Core Gameplay

Both China and Garena have very similar ideas of gameplay, but there are a few notable differences. COD: Mobile China stutters at high FPS and freezes for a split second while trying to ADS. These issues aren’t faced by the Garena version. Nevertheless, it is the Chinese version’s first season, and we can except crisper gameplay with future updates. 

In the combat differences, Garena has blood and sound effects that give a good FPS experience. COD: Mobile China has a light and smoke effect when you hit, which doesn’t necessarily provide the same immersive experience. This is similar in the Chinese PUBG Mobile variant, Game For Peace.

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