League Of Legends: Wild Rift Season Rank Reset To Go Live Today

Nutan Lele
8/Jan/2021 09:41 am

Riot will debut its new season and rank reset in a few hours.
Players who played ranked in Season 0 will receive rewards depending on their placement.
Riot is also releasing several yordle champions into the game including Lulu, Tristana, Corki and Kennen.

Season 0 of Wild Rift started on 7th October 2020 and after several months, the first official ranked season of Wild Rift will start today on 8th January 2021. Players who played ranked games in Season 0 will receive ranked rewards after the season ends (a participation icon for everyone and a player emblem for those who hit Gold and above). A soft rank reset for Season 1 will go live with the update, and Ranked mode will be unavailable for a few hours while Riot transitions between seasons. Riot also has Glorious skin up for grabs for those who climbed to Gold and above ranks. Glorious Tryndamere is expected to be available soon. 

A countdown timer has gone live inside the client just a few days before the season officially ends to notify all players. 

WR RANK RESET TIMERCourtesy: Riot Games

Along with the rank reset, Riot is adding a loved (and hated) champion to the Wild Rift. In a recent patch notes update, Riot dropped hints of releasing Teemo with a special event, similar to Wukong’s Challenge. Teemo will be released with Cottontail Teemo and Little Devil Teemo skins. Along with him, Riot is also releasing a horde of yordles onto the rift including Corki, Kennen, Lulu and Tristana.

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Rewards During Wild Rift Season 1 Rank Reset

Players can obtain an S0 participation icon by reaching level 10, unlocking ranked mode, and playing at least one ranked game. Players will receive a unique S0 emote which will be given to players upon reaching gold and winning ten games in ranked mode.

Ranked Participation Icon and EmoteRanked Participation Icon and Emote | Courtesy: Riot GamesThey will also receive the highest rank player emblem, current ranked icon border and a current rank loading screen border if they have climbed to Gold tier or above. 

Ranked emblem

Ranked emblem 2Courtesy: Riot Games

The icon and the emblem will both be delivered during the post-season.

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