Wild Rift: Balance Changes for Patch 2.0

John Dave Rossel
6/Jan/2021 07:36 am

Riot Games released a few balance changes in Wild Rift for the upcoming patch 2.0
Zed's Razor Shuriken and Master Yi's Wuju Style have been nerfed and Wukong gets a buff on his clone.
Infernal Drake buff has been nerfed and Rift Herald has been adjusted to be more bulky and harder to kill.

Riot Games has been doing their best to polish their game, Wild Rift, before Season 1 starts. Being still in the beta phase, the game has received a lot of changes and new features to further make the game more convenient for players. In the upcoming patch 2.0, a few changes to the stats of certain champions and epic monster buffs have been applied by the game developers.

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Wild Rift Champion Nerfs in Patch 2.0

These two champions are some of the most picked champions in the game. This is due to their amazing wave clear and snowballing potential. Riot Games saw this as a little bit too much and decided to tune them down a little. 

Wildf Rift: Balance Changes for Patch 2.0Credits: Riot Games

Zed’s Razor Shuriken has been nerfed. The projectile width is now reduced from 175 to 125. This will allow players to have more leeway to dodge the skill shot and survive his Death Mark. 

Wildf Rift: Balance Changes for Patch 2.0Credits: Riot Games

Everyone’s favorite jungler, Master Yi, is one of the most newbie-friendly champions in Wild Rift. But his split pushing potential has been quite overwhelming lately, melting turrets like it’s nothing. Now, the devs have decided to nerf the true damage he receives from his Wuju Style skill. The true damage he deals on structures is now only 33% effective directly nerfing his split pushing power. 

But since this nerf is only effective on turrets, Master Yi is still at his full potential when fighting against other champions. 

Wild Rift Champion Buffs in Patch 2.0

Wukong has just been released in Wild Rift. Players believed that he was a little underpowered despite doing well in the current meta. He can counter a lot of champions who rely on channeling or has a slight delay in casting skills with his ultimate. 

Wildf Rift: Balance Changes for Patch 2.0Credits: Riot Games

To make his clone more effective, the devs have added an extra feature to his Warrior Trickster skill. The clone will now mimic Wukong when he casts his Gold Staff/Crushing Blow skill. 

Adjustments to Epic Monsters

Infernal Drake’s buff, the Crest of Cinders, has been nerfed. The true damage per second buff has been reduced from “(1.6 x Champion level) + 10” to “(1 x Champion Level) + 10”

The evolved version of the Crest of Cinders is also nerfed from “(3.2 x Champion Level) + 15” to “(1.5 x Champion Level) + 15”

Eye of Herald is now a bit harder to kill. The damage she receives by attacking the eye at the back now deals 15% of her HP instead of 20%. The eye now permanently closes if the herald only has 20% remaining HP. 

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Riot Games is fully aware of other champions and items that need to be balanced especially the Guardian Angel item. The devs said they are working on it but it might take some time till the changes get deployed on Wild Rift. 


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