Leaks About Upcoming Skins In Wild Rift Include Star Guardian And Pool Party

Nutan Lele
2/Jan/2021 12:12 pm

League of Legends: Wild Rift data miners in China have discovered files and code referring to new skins for champions and upcoming events.
he upcoming events may be Star Guardian & Pool Party.
Perhaps Wild Rift will also host a perhaps a Valentine's Day event with Heartseeker and Sweetheart skin releases.

As Riot keeps adding several new champions and skins to League of Legends: Wild Rift, data miners in China have discovered files and code referring to new skins for champions and upcoming events. 

New Wild Rift Skin Leaks Point To Events

According to Chowz_Channel, a Wild Rift data miner, these skin textures, models and data were found in the game files of the Alpha version of the game currently present in China & Brazil. The upcoming events may be Star Guardian & Pool Party as pointers to several of these skins were found in the files.

JinxCourtesy: Chowz_Channel

The following skin textures, models or code were found by Chowz_Channel:

  • Ahri - Popstar, Academy, Star Guardian
  • Akali - Blood Moon
  • Alistair - Hextech
  • Amumu- Surprise
  • Annie - Sweetheart, Hextech, Super Galaxy
  • Ashe - PROJECT, Heartseeker
  • Blitzcrank - iBlitzcrank
  • Dr Mundo - Pool Party
  • Ezreal - Arcade, Pulsefire 
  • Fiora - Headmistress, PROJECT, Pool Party
  • Garen - Warring Kingdoms
  • Gragas - Arctic Ops
  • Graves - Pool Party
  • Janna - Star Guardian, Forecast
  • Jarvan IV - Warring Kingdoms
  • Jhin - PROJECT, Blood Moon
  • Jinx - Star Guardian, Fire Cracker
  • Lee Sin - Dragon Fist, Pool Party, God Fist
  • Lux - Star Guardian
  • Malphite - Mecha
  • Master Yi - PROJECT
  • Miss Fortune - Star Guardian, Pool Party
  • Nasus - Infernal
  • Orianna - Heartseeker
  • Singed - Beekeeper
  • Sona - Sweetheart, Arcade, DJ
  • Soraka - Star Guardian
  • Twisted Fate - Blood Moon, Underworld
  • Wukong - Underworld, Radiant 
  • Varus -  Arclight
  • Vi - PROJECT, Warring Kingdoms
  • Xin Zhao - Warring Kingdoms
  • Yasuo - Blood Moon, PROJECT
  • Zed - PROJECT
  • Ziggs - Arcade, Pool Party

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As of now it isn’t confirmed when these skins would be released and whether or not there will be events for Blood Moon, PROJECT and Sweetheart skin releases. However, Sweetheart and Heartseeker skins for Annie, Ashe, Orianna and Sona maybe a Valentine’s Day special release. 

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