Call Of Duty: Mobile New Year Salute Features Rewards

Nutan Lele
2/Jan/2021 10:29 am

Call of Duty: New Year Salute event rewards players for playing matches.
The event counts the total matches played across the globe and currently has 5 tiers of rewards.
Two of the tiers are currently unlocked rewarding players with Weapon XP cards and a parachute camo.

As a new year gift, Call of Duty: Mobile has debuted the New Year Salute. The featured event seeks to celebrate the New Year with players around the world. 

Call Of Duty: Mobile New Year Rewards

“Every match counts!”, says the banner. The event counts the total matches played across the globe. Here are the tiers:

Tier 1 - 100,000,000 

Tier 2 - 150,000,000

Tier 3 - 200,000,000

Tier 4 - 300,000,000

Tier 5 - 400,000,000

Tier 1 rewards are 10 x 500 points weapon XP cards and Tier 2 gives players Parachute with Snowblind camo. As of now, the count stands close to 199,775,000, very close to the Tier 3 reward. Call of Duty: Mobile also released a teaser for the event on Twitter and YouTube perhaps hinting at some of the rewards that players can unlock in the New Year Salute. 

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CODM New Year Salute trailerCourtesy: Activision

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