Top 5 PUBG Mobile Players Of 2020

Nutan Lele
30/Dec/2020 06:23 pm

Here’s a list of the top 5 PUBG Mobile players of 2020.
This list consists of top players from Bigetron RA, 4AM and Nova Esports.
Note: This list is subjective

2020 has been a wild ride right from the start. We’ve seen some amazing plays made by some amazing players. As the year ends, now is the right time to look back and honour the pros who made PUBG Mobile so entertaining to watch and with such skill. Here’s a list of the top 5 PUBG Mobile players of 2020. Note: This list is subjective

Honourable mentions

The wunderkind from India. JONATHAN has had a great 2020 season after an insane showcase of skill and aim in 2019. While a lot can be said about his style and plays that mark his greatness this year, his team couldn’t live up to the name they made in 2019. Overshadowed a little by Orange Rock, JONATHAN still manages to stand out in the face of the competition as the undisputed best assaulter of India right now. His aggressive playstyle which is a mark left by Ghatak’s training has proven very important for him. He had a number of 2nd place finishes at the regional level and also a very vital win at PMIS 2020. Then, there were PMWL East’s huge expectations on his shoulders, and JONATHAN still did make the most of it with some amazing plays. While India banned PUBG Mobile and JONATHAN couldn’t show off his chops in later tournament, his talents are undeniable. 

Luxxy (Bigetron RA)

Luxxy started PUBG Mobile in the game’s Season 2 and was soon after picked by Bigetron Red Aliens. He quickly established himself as a formidable fragger and soon next year became a feared name in the Southeast Asian as well as global scene. While 2019 saw RRQ Athena overshadow Bigetron RA’s performance, 2020 immediately became theirs for taking. Luxxy played a pivotal role in making sure that Bigetron RA remained a consistent force throughout the local and international scene, winning big tournaments such as PMPLs (mind you, not just one) and also the coveted PMWL - East.  

Ryzen (Bigetron RA)

The Indonesian Pro cruised through 2020 like it was a child’s play, and he just made it look easy. Bigetron Red Aliens are the unchallenged victors of the PUBG Mobile international circuit outside China, and Ryzen played a very important part in making the entire thing happen for the boys in red and white. Even a quick glance at his insane achievements shows exactly how dominant he has been. He’s had a number of 1st places finishes. Whether you look at the regional PMPLs in Southeast Asia and Indonesia or even one of the most competitive tournaments in the world, the PUBG Mobile World League - East, you can see how Ryzen has left a permanent mark on the scene. All of this puts him at 4th on our list. 

BTR RyzenCourtesy: BTR / Instagram

33Svan (4AM)

China’s scene is incredibly competitive and also involves a lot of money. There are a number of players who enter the scene every year unlike other regions and as time passes, China’s scene just gets more competitive. And in the face of growing difficulties to stay on the top, Four Angry Men did an exceptional job at not just staying relevant, but also having dominating consistency. And a big part of it was 33Svan. While his 2019 wasn’t exactly exceptional, 2020 was certainly brilliant. 33Svan played his hearts out and made sure that his team can keep their consistency. He’s come 3rd at PEL Season 2, won PEL Season 3, and came in 3rd at PEL Championship 2020, all incredibly competitive tournaments. These achievements give him the 3rd spot. 

33svanCourtesy: 4am33svan

Paraboy (NOVA Esports)

Often considered the god of PUBG Mobile worldwide. Paraboy has had an exceptional year with his team NOVA Esports. They are the highest-earning squad of 2020, and Paraboy’s MVPs puts him an inch above his teammates. There’s a lot to be said about their achievements, but it’s Paraboy’s brilliance in plays that’s always in the spotlight. And it definitely should be. He won the PEL Season 1 and PEL Championship 2020, both highly competitive tournaments that featured the best of China. And in all of this, Paraboy kept showing just why he is often considered even the best player in the world. 

NOVA PARABOYCourtesy: Paraboy / Instagram

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Zuxxy (Bigetron RA)

And now, again a Bigetron Red Aliens star. He was also the first winner of the Esports Mobile Player Of The Year by The Esports Awards. And it was well deserved. He, alongside his teammates, became a force in PUBG Mobile’s 2020 scene that was one of absolute dominance. His plays and skill kept strong throughout the year. He’s also helped the team come 2nd at the biggest tournament in the world’s League Stage, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

ZuxxyCourtesy: BTR / Instagram

 While some might consider Paraboy as the more deserving player, we preferred ranking with more importance on international dominance as well as presence. In this view of ours, Zuxxy outranks his Chinese counterpart.

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