MortaL and ScoutOP Will Fight It Out In 2020’s Last Showdown

Nutan Lele
27/Dec/2020 04:53 pm

AORUS India put up a post on Instagram announcing the showdown between Scout and MortaL.
While it wasn't revealed which game the two players will be playing, the match(es) are to happen tomorrow, 28th December at 4 pm.
This is one of the year's last high profile collaborations between Indian streamers.

2020 has seen a string of collaborations between famous streaming personalities. A prominent one that comes to mind is Scout streaming with the legendary Dr Disrespect. Now AORUS India is hosting one of the collaborations of the year. Former PUBG Mobile pro players MortaL and Scout are going head to head in 2020’s Last Showdown

AORUS Announces The 2020’s Last Showdown On Instagram

AORUS India put up a post on Instagram announcing the showdown. The post reads, ‘The last showdown of the year! Don't miss out the greatest match up of all time between @ig_mortal and @scoutop’.

Scout vs MortalCourtesy: AORUS India / Instagram

As of now, AORUS India hasn’t revealed which game the two players will be playing but the match(es) are to happen tomorrow, 28th December at 4 pm. Fans can catch The 2020's Last Showdown live on AORUS India’s YouTube Channel

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Other Big Collaborations In 2020

This year saw a string of high profile collaborations between streamers. In India, we saw Dr Disrespect stream with ScoutOP. After the PUBG Mobile ban, pro players from Orange Rock, SouL started streaming games like Free Fire for a while. During their Free Fire stint, they streamed with top names in the scene like Total Gaming. Just 10 days ago, MortaL took on Techno Gamerz, one of the most popular Indian streamers out there, in a Call of Duty: Mobile match. 

In part 1 of the 1v1 best of 3, MortaL came out on top.   

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