Free Fire Bonus Event Lets Players Get Chrono Characters in the 100 Diamond Top Up

Nutan Lele
16/Dec/2020 11:19 am

Players will need to make a top up worth at least 100 Diamonds to earn bonus top up rewards including Chrono.
Other top up rewards include Time Bender, Porter Reactor Loot Box and Gloo Wall Chrono.
Players can also get Joseph as a reward for their first top up.

The Free Fire and Cristiano Ronaldo collaboration Operation Chrono is going all out with several events, freebies and discounts lined up for the month of December. The collaboration also introduced Chrono, the time turning character who looks like the footballer. He is set to be released in Free Fire tomorrow. Players can top up 100 diamonds and get Chrono as the Top Up Bonus. 

How to get Chrono using 100 Diamond Top Up Event

Players will need to make a top up worth at least 100 Diamonds and visit the event website. In the game select the Event tab and head to Top Up Bonus. Click ‘Get’ and the character will be available in your Vault / Collection. The Bonus event will be available from 16th December to 25th December 2020. 

Diamond Top upCourtesy: Garena

Other top up rewards across different servers include the following:

  • Time Bender - 100 Diamonds
  • Porter Reactor Loot Box - 300 Diamonds
  • Gloo Wall Chrono - 500 Diamonds
  • Monster Truck - Cyber Bounty Hunter - 1000 Diamonds

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Garena also has another top up reward active. Players can get Joseph the physicist/player with the Nutty Movement passive which grants a 10% movement and sprinting speed boost upon taking damage upon their first top up.

JosephCourtesy: Garena

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