NRX Jeremiah 29:11 express their Disheartenment with the Cancellation of the CODM World Championship 2020

John Dave Rossel
10/Dec/2020 04:56 pm

CODM Esports Team NRX Jeremiah 29:11 disheartened by the cancellation of CODM World Championship .
Team members expressed their emotions through Facebook posts.
Fans gave their support and are looking forward to next year's events.

The Call of Duty: Mobile(CODM) World Championship 2020 Grand Finals was one of the most awaited mobile esports tournaments. However, due to the viral pandemic that the world is currently fighting against, the tournament has been canceled. This left some of the dedicated Filipino esports pros feeling disheartened. The NRX Jeremiah 29:11 team members expressed their feelings through a Facebook post. 

Who is the ‘NRX Jeremiah 29:11’

They are a Philippine CODM Esports team composed of former Rules of Survival Esports athletes. They won the COD World Championship regional qualifiers and were scheduled to compete in the tournament’s grand finals before it got canceled.

CODM World Championship Tournament Cancellation

As the world continues to fight against the pandemic, Activision has prioritized its participants’ health and well-being. Activision stated that their best course of action was to officially cancel the CODM World Championship 2020. They said that its participants’ health and safety were too important for Activision to risk by continuing the event.

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This left the fans disheartened. CODM fans were looking forward to this event. Some PH CODM Esports Pros shared their thoughts through Facebook posts.

NRX coach Michael “Kyaaah” Belaya expressed his dismay through a Facebook post. 

“It really hurts,” Kyaaah posted on his Facebook page. NRX Fans then followed up by commenting supportive comments in his post wishing the team good luck for their future tournaments. 

This was then followed up by JC “Jayzee” Rivera, a CODM esports athlete for NRX Jeremiah 29:11 by his own Facebook post. 

“I don’t like you 2020, Quit CODM,” said Jayzee on his Facebook post. Fans sent their support to the esports athlete in the comments section. The fans explained that the organizers cared about their safety and we should just move on and focus on the future tournaments.

“I think you know that feeling when you prepare every day, didn’t sleep just to focus on improving, to reach that moment. I was ready, then just like that, it got canceled? Isn’t that painful?,” Jayzee added.

One of the team members of NRX Jeremiah 29:11, Benj “CRUSH” Trinidad, also expressed his thoughts about the cancellation of the event.

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“YOU ALL KNOW WHO WILL BE THE FIRST CODM WORLD CHAMPION,” he confidently captioned while placing a picture of the NRX team implying that they could’ve been the champions if it wasn’t canceled. 


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