Team Hastar Wins Higin CoDM Majors Beating Out Team Scout

Nutan Lele
1/Dec/2020 08:32 am

Team Hastar won Higin CoDM Majors and walked away with INR 1,00,000.
The squad consisted of RG.Onroidz, GodlxVortex, GodlxShik4ri, Godlxminho and GodlxDante.
Team Hastar won against Team Scout 3-1.

The Higin CoDM Majors organised by Higin Esports has officially come to an end with Team Hastar winning the tournament, consisting of RG.Onroidz, GodlxVortex, GodlxShik4ri, Godlxminho and GodlxDante. Team Hastar beat Team Scout with a 3-1 score in the Best-of-5 finals and walked away with a chunk of the 3,00,000 INR prize pool. The event was sponsored by Red Bull India and was live-streamed exclusively on the Higin Esports YouTube channel.

Higin CoDM Majors Tournament Format

Higin CoDM Majors was scheduled from 22nd to 30th November and featured 8 invited Streamers; 6 top tier invited Teams and 2 teams from Higin Minors

Invited Streamers:

  • Scout
  • Owais
  • Nova
  • Payal
  • Blaezi
  • 420Op
  • Hastar
  • Kratos

As for the CODM Teams, we had:

  • Team IND
  • Team Mayhem
  • Team S8UL
  • Team 8TH Wonder
  • Team Reckoning
  • Team Godlike

Force One won the Higin CODM Minor 1 and Team Blind won Minor 2 and thus qualified for the Higin COD Mobile Majors. A total of 40 players were auctioned into the teams. Phase 2: League Stage saw all 8 teams play 7 matches in total against the opposing teams out of which the best of 3 were considered. The top 4 teams made it to the next phase. The Semi-finals saw Team Hastar beat Team Blaezi with a score of 3-0 and Team Sc0ut beat Team NovaKing 3-1.

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Higin CoDM Majors Finals and Prize Distribution

The first match of Summit Hardpoint was won by Team Scout with a 150-128 score. Scout was declared the MVP of this match with 21 kills. The next round saw a Firing Range Search and Destroy format which Team Hastar won 6-4. The third and fourth matches were Standoff Domination and Crossfire Hardpoint and both were won by Team Hastar with a 150-84 and 150-98 scores, earning them a decisive victory against Scout’s team. 

Team Scout was the ‘Fan Favourite’ team with 933 votes and picked up an additional 20,000 INR. 

mYmVegaz was declared the MVP for the Finals and bagged 10,000 INR while GodlxVortex picked up the most assists in the final matches and won 8,000 INR. Godlxminho won the title for most kills and assists in the Semi-finals. 

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