MLBB: Everything You Need to Know About the Lucky Star Event

John Dave Rossel
30/Nov/2020 12:49 pm

MLBB LUcky Star Event is ongoing.
The event gives you a chance to unlock all heroes and skins.
The event lasts from Nov. 28 until Dec 26.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang(MLBB)’s Lucky Star event is now live. It’s one of the biggest events MLBB has released this year. This event gives you a chance to unlock all skins and characters in the game for free and 10,000 diamonds. 

During the MLBB Lucky Star event, you may win free access to all heroes and skins released before November 30, 2020. You can use all these heroes and skins in Classic and Ranked mode.

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Phase one of the MLBB Lucky Star event lasts from Nov. 28 until Dec. 12 and Phase two will commence on Dec. 13 until Dec. 25. This event is open to all MLBB players.

MLBB Lucky Star Event Mechanics

Accumulate Dig Chances through logging in and sharing the event through Facebook in order to participate in the event. The more Dig Chances you get, the more is your chance of winning. You can only gain 2 Dig Chances a day, so make sure to claim both to maximize your chances of winning. 

During Phase 1, you can start digging on December 12. During Phase 2, you can start digging on Dec. 26. Tap on any region to start digging. The locations are all randomized so there is no “best region” to dig. 

If you’re lucky, you can get these rewards and more upon digging a region.

  • Grand Prize(1 winner): All Heroes + All Skins + 10000 Diamonds 

  • 1st Prize(3 Winners): Free  Access to all skins

  • 2nd Prize(6 Winners): Free Access to all Heroes

  • 3rd Prize(10 Winners): Free Access to all Heroes and Skins for 100 Days

  • 4th Prize(100 Winners): Free Access to all Heroes and Skins for 30 days

In addition to the rewards above, everyone who participates will receive a Random Delux Skin Trial Pack(1 day).

Information About the Unlocked Skins from MLBB Lucky Star Event

The skins you can win in the event are limited to the skins available before Nov. 30, 2020. Skins released after Nov. 30 are, therefore, excluded and will not be obtainable through the event.

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Esports Skins, Exclusive, and Collaboration Skins will not be included in the skins unlocked by the Lucky Star Event. 

Event rewards are linked to your account and server only, which are not shared by other accounts and servers. Players who won are not allowed to sell or rent their accounts. If the said player is caught, the rewards will be withdrawn. 


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