Bigetron Esports Announces Wild Rift Roster

John Dave Rossel
24/Nov/2020 10:26 am

Bigetron Esports announces Wild RIft Esports team roster.
The roster features ex-League of Legends players who competed in the Garuda Series

Even though Riot Games is yet to announce any esports scene for their new mobile game League of Legends: Wild Rift, esports organizations from all over the world are already building their own Wild Rift esport teams. One such organization from Indonesia that has shown interest in competing in the Wild Rift Esport scene is Bigetron Esports. They recently announced their new Wild Rift Esports Team, “Bigetron Infinity,” on their Instagram accounts with a promotional video with each member's primary role in the team.

The Wild Rift Bigetron Infinity Roster

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The members of their new Wild Rift Team are as follows:

  • Henry @btr_henry Nathaniel

  • Muhammad @btr_falp1 Fajri

  • Dewa @btr_dewa Fabian

  • Rully @btr_whynuts Sutanto

  • Steven @btr_control Verdianta

  • Harry @btr_harry Rainier:

Many of these players are former Indonesian League of Legends professionals who previously competed in the Garuda Series.

Bigetron Esports is known for its esports teams from different games like PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Garena Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile. One of their PUBG Mobile Esports athletes from Bigetron Red Aliens, “Zuxxy,'' won Esports Player of the Year 2020. He’s one of the top PUBG Mobile professionals and proved his skills in the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 East cementing his place at the top of the PUBG Esport scene.

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While the esports scene for Wild Rift is yet to be fully detailed by Riot Games, it’s quite interesting to see that organizations from around the world have already begun recruiting professional athletes in advance, to prepare for a possible esports scene for Riot Game’s mobile and console port of their popular PC game, League of Legends. 


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