Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 12 Going Dark Is Live

Nutan Lele
11/Nov/2020 06:28 am

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 12 called Going Dark has gone live today.
This season includes a brand new battle pass, a new operator skill and a BR class among other updates.
Season 12 will also bring in the Knights Divided Event sometime later.

As the Anniversary Season of Call of Duty: Mobile comes to an end, Season 12 called Going Dark takes over the game. The season launched today and introduces nighttime maps and modes, as well as plenty of new earnable content, a brand-new Battle Pass and the Knights Divided competitive event.

Call of Duty: Mobile Goes Dark

Inspired by the tactical NVG Multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Going Dark will introduce Night Mode to its Multiplayer matches. In this variant, Operators have access to fully functional night vision goggles (NVGs) which offer infrared imaging to help light up an Operator’s surroundings. Alternatively, a laser sight could also be used to cut through the darkness to a small degree, which could be helpful if you choose to leave those NVGs to navigate through light-heavy areas. Call of Duty: Mobile Night Mode is available for play on three maps: Crash, Summit, and a new Multiplayer Map called Hackney Yard (Night and Day).

A classic Multiplayer map from Modern Warfare, Hackney Yard is coming to mobile with both a night and daytime version. Hackney Yard is a small-sized map located next to the River Thames and has a rough three-lane design giving way to a variety of competitive playstyles, from close-quarters combat inside the offices and warehouse to cross-map sniper duels on the rooftops. 

Battle Pass Night Mode in Attack of the Undead

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 12 adds 50 new tiers of free and premium content, including new characters, weapon blueprints, weapon charms, a new Operator Skill, a new functional weapon, and more. In the free tiers, players can reach Tier 14 to unlock the free Ballistic Shield Operator Skill, a weapon built for defence. Use it to guard against enemy attacks while you hold a position or move up with teammates into enemy territory, making the most of this great defence to provide an outstanding offence. 

Ballistic Shield Operator SkillCourtesy: Call of Duty: Mobile

Progress to Tier 21 to unlock the AGR 556 SMG, a new functional weapon that features solid power, balanced manoeuvrability, and great versatility. Through the Gunsmith, this weapon can be equipped with 5.56 ammo, turning this compact personal defence weapon into a highly mobile mid-range attack machine. Purchase the Battle Pass for the chance to unlock all 50 tiers of content in the Going Dark Battle Pass. 

Battle PassCourtesy: Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile is also set to introduce its first-ever Legendary Operator skin within Season 12, to be introduced in the middle of a packed Black Friday and Cyber Monday season of deals. The Dark Side Draw will include the first-ever Legendary Operator in Nikto in black with a foreboding red trim. This draw will also include several other items with the same nightmarish motif, including a Legendary blueprint of the .50 GS, an Epic blueprint of the XPR-50, and several Battle Royale items like a flashy motorbike and a high-tech Wingsuit.

Legendary Operator SkinCourtesy: Activision

Along with a playlist for Team Deathmatch, Call of Duty: Mobile Night Mode will also include a playlist featuring Attack of the Undead, returning from its short dirt nap after Halloween. Zombified players will no longer cast a glow and operators will have to work together and use their NVGs to spot them coming out of every corner.

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Compete in the Knights Divided Event

Season 12 pits red vs blue operators in the Knights Divided Event. Choose a side and crush the opposition in a race to conquer new territory and earn rewards in the process. Earn and equip a special weapon set for a bonus modifier to further boost your efforts, with special rewards in store for the winning teams and the top contributors for either side.

Later this season, Call of Duty: Mobile expects to see additional events and challenges. This includes the .50 GS large calibre pistol, which provides incredible power in a compact design. Towards the end of the season, a new seasonal challenge will give everyone the chance to earn the Launcher Plus perk, allowing Operators to add even more explosive firepower to their loadout with an additional piece of Launcher ammo. Around that time, a new Battle Royale class known as the Refitter will be available to unlock through a featured event to be announced later.

New Battle Royale ClassCourtesy: Activision

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