FutureStation Esports Kick Off PMPL South Asia Season 2 Week 1 With A Bang

Nutan Lele
16/Oct/2020 07:09 pm

FutureStation closed out with 110 points in total.
Assiduous Esports and ElementriX followed with 91 and 90 points respectively.
At the end of 60 matches the top 16 teams advance to the Pro League South Asia Finals.

The Regular Season of PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia has now gone live with top tier teams from Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Day 1 featured 5 matches with 20 teams divided into 5 groups. Over the next 3 weeks, a total of 60 matches will be played in a Round Robin style. The top 16 teams advance to the Pro League South Asia Finals. Bangladeshi and Nepali teams dominated the top 10, while Pakistani teams were a bit behind on the scoreboard. It is to be noted that Group D played 1 match yesterday while other groups played multiple matches, thus the following leaderboard will change as the days go on. The cumulative ranking will be available at the end of the week.

Leaderboards at the end of Day 2 of PMPL SA Season 2

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PMPL SA Week 1

At the end of Day 1 of the PMPL, Assiduous Esports came out on top of the leaderboard with 78 points and 2 Chicken Dinners. Future Station ended up in 2nd place with 58 points and 1 Chicken Dinner. Team T2Ksg and ElementriX came in 3rd and 4th place with 54 and 52 points. 

On Day 2, Scytes picked up a Chicken Dinner in the first match with 14 kills while Team T2Ksg picked up a CD in Match 2 with 10 kills. Stalwart Esports came out on top in Match 3 with 19 kill points despite Future Station picking up the Chicken Dinner. Team Bablu and Abrupt Slayers got CDs in Match 4 and 5.  

FutureStation closed out with 110 points in total. Assiduous Esports and  ElementriX followed with 91 and 90 points respectively. Team T2Ksg and Venom Legends closed out the top 5 with 90 and 95 points each. Assiduous Esports got 2 back to back Chicken Dinners in Match 3 and 4. BLABLABLA of ElementriX was the top kill leader for the day with a total of 17 kills with 1 headshot. Jane of Team T2Ksg came in second with 16 kills. Competition is heating up between the top 5 teams. Assiduous Esports is at 91 points with T2Ksg and ElementriX going neck and neck just 1 point behind them. Despite having a lower number of games played Assiduous Esports’s aggressive approach got them 47 kill points. The team also managed to pick up enough position points for themselves.

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