After PUBG Mobile, TSM Entity Set Sights On Wild Rift

Nutan Lele
5/Oct/2020 10:33 am

A video posted on Facebook yesterday showed the TSM Entity gang reviewing the basics of League of Legends
The post was also shared by TSM Entity's manager Sid Joshi on Instagram.
This leads to heavy speculation that the PUBG Mobile squad might be switching over to Wild Rift.

A video posted on Facebook yesterday showed the TSM Entity gang reviewing the basics of League of Legends. This has led to speculation that the PUBG Mobile squad will be switching over to League of Legends: Wild Rift when it comes out later this year. The video shows Ghatak filming players, including ZGOD, as they review the basics of League of Legends. On the whiteboard, we see terms like CC, AP, AD and other details relating to the MOBA. 

TSM Entity Switching To Wild Rift?

In a statement to AFK Gaming, Sid Joshi, manager of TSM Entity said, “I'm preparing my team for everything. Right now we don't know what PUBG Mobile’s future here is and I can't let all the talent my team has go to waste. They have the mechanics, they just need to grasp the strategy of a MOBA. And who better to teach them League of Legends than me lol”. While there has been no official statement about the switch yet, Joshi also shared the above video on his Insta story, confirming its legitimacy and followed it up with this:

TSM Entity Sid's Insta StoryTSM Entity Sid's Insta Story

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After PUBG Mobile’s ban in India, many of the teams were left in limbo, unsure of what their next move should be. While some like Megastars decided to disband, others like SynerGE looked to team up with Galaxy Racers to combine their squads. TSM Entity seems to want to translate their success on Erangel to the Rift. 

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Many people are already predicting that Wild Rift will be a huge hit and prove to be some serious competition for other mobile MOBA games available. The real concern in Southeast Asia isn’t how games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Arena of Valor will survive when Wild Rift comes out, though. It’s how League of Legends: Wild Rift will lure players to its own community in this extremely competitive market. The Alpha and Closed Beta tests have been well received by audiences in Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and other South-East Asian countries. 


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