Arena Of Valor Shuts Down Operations In India Post App Ban

Nutan Lele
24/Sep/2020 10:45 am

After the Indian government banned the app, Arena of Valor wraps up their operations in India.
Their statement said, 'Pursuant to the interim order from the Indian government, we are unable to operate Arena of Valor in India anymore.'

During the beginning of September, The Indian government announced a ban on certain apps like PUBG Mobile, MARVEL Super War and Arena of Valor. In a press release announcing the ban, the government decided to ban these apps citing that they were prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, Defence of India, Security of State and Public Order. Previously the government had imposed a ban on other mobile MOBAs like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The publishers of these games were working with the government to resolve the issue and try and get their games unbanned.

Statement By Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor released the following statement today:

Dear Indian players,

Pursuant to the interim order from the Indian government, we are unable to operate Arena of Valor in India anymore.

User privacy and data security are our top priority. All game data, including any personal information, will be deleted within 30 days, except where we have a legal obligation to retain that data, or it is retained to preserve any legal rights.

You fought your way through the combat, drew first blood and carried your team. We'll always remember your Legendary performance in the arena! 

Thank you. Farewell, for now. 

- Arena of Valor Team

The move comes as Arena of Valor slowly shuts down its operations in the country. In April this year, Arena of Valor had announced that they are going to shut down India server. To replace it, they opened a new combined South Asia server. 

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Why is India banning so many Chinese Apps?

In June 2020, India banned 59 Chinese apps in a highly controversial move including social video sharing platform, Tik Tok. The list also includes Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Clash of Kings. China's data sharing policy which mandates companies to share data with the Chinese government irrespective of where they operate from has been a cause of concern in many countries with even the United States of America contemplating banning certain apps including Tik Tok. While not confirmed, a ban on PUBG Mobile could have severe consequences on the country's growing gaming and esports scenes.

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