FAU-G Will Feature Hand-To-Hand Combat Reveals nCore

Shounak Sengupta
10/Sep/2020 10:14 am

Details about nCore Games' FAU-G revealed.
Game will be singleplayer or co-op at launch and plans to introduce multiplayer will be implemented later.
The game has hand-to-hand combat mirroring the skirmish in Galwan Valley.

In an interview with Rishi Alwani from The Mako Reactor, nCore CEO and COO, Vishal Gondal and Ganesh Hande spoke about various aspects of their much publicized game, FAU-G. Short for Fearless and United: Guards, the game went viral after they revealed a teaser shortly after the ban on India’s unofficial national videogame, PUBG Mobile. With many gamers wondering what they were going to play next, nCore’s FAU-G with its timing and focus on being a homemade brand stood out as one of the clear favorites. 

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While comparisons with PUBG Mobile are inevitable because of the nature of the announcement and resemblance to the name, nCore has maintained that the game is not an Indian version of PUBG, but rather its own unique product.  The game has already seen its fair share of controversies from fake trailers to associations with the underworld and late actor, Sushant Singh Rajput. However, nCore has clarified their stance on these allegations and cleared the air. FAU-G also took flak for using a stock image in their reveal poster which led many to believe that they were leveraging the timing of the ban and the actual game is far from ready. 

FAU-G Gameplay to feature Melee Combat

In the interview, Gondal reveals that although FAU-G has plans to release a multiplayer mode and a battle royale, the launch will primarily be focused on the Galway Valley level. This can be played in a singleplayer or co-op multiplayer mode, but down the line nCore has plans of introducing a multiplayer mode and battle royale. Since the Galwan Valley skirmish which took place between India and China primarily involved hand-to-hand combat between the two forces, the game will effectively be a brawler to reflect the same. “The core gameplay loop revolves around how you experience the brawler mechanics with the melee weapons,” said Hande. “There is a bit of an exploration element to it. At the same time you will go through guided maps where you will be facing enemy camps and you’re expected to go through them with the skills and melee weapons provided for you.”

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This would mean that FAU-G's gameplay is vastly different from PUBG MOBILE as well as the mechanics.  Gondal revealed that there were plans to introduce weapons into the game at a later stage. He also reiterated that his game is not trying to compete with PUBG Mobile and should the game be unbanned it wouldn’t affect make any difference to their plans. 

You can read the full interview here. 


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