Plan Bermuda, The Garena Free Fire X Money Heist Event Is Here

Nutan Lele
4/Sep/2020 08:19 am

Plan Bermuda will feature a Money Heist in-game activities from 6 September and a limited time Money Printing Event.
Access the iconic red jumpsuit along with the special Plan Bermuda Shinobi and Kunoichi outfits.
Participate in a special Money Printing Event to earn unique rewards based on milestones of money printed throughout the event.

With numerous mobile games catering to large audiences around the globe and trying to become the next big thing in esports, many companies are looking for a piece of that pie. Creators are looking to work together and bring new content to the player base with every update and looking to collaborate. Garena Free Fire teased one such collaboration with the hit Spanish show Money Heist for Plan Bermuda. 

The Professor’s Plan Bermuda

Plan Bermuda will let players engage in Money Heist in-game activities from 6th September and a limited time Money Printing Event from 13th till 22nd September. Players will be met with The Professor's latest plan as soon as they start the game. The special Money Printing Event gives players a chance to earn unique rewards based on milestones of money printed throughout the event. To help earn bigger rewards, they’ll also be able to boost the printing speed in three ways. Players can complete daily event quests, enlist the help of their friends, and add Printer Fuel Tokens which can be found in-game. The faster the printer operates, the more money it prints. 

Money Heist Game ModeMoney Heist Game Mode

The eagerly-anticipated new game mode, Money Heist, will be available to players from 20th September as part of the Plan Bermuda event. In the limited time Money Heist game mode, two teams of four players go head-to-head in a race against the opposing side to print the target amount of money in the allotted time. Players collect money by activating and occupying Money Printers placed in set locations across the map. Once a Money Printer is activated, players need to defend the surrounding area as the enemy team may take them over. The team that collects the target amount of money first or with the most amount of money as the time runs out wins.

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Deck your character out with the exclusive Money Heist x Free Fire collection

Players will now have access to the latest Money Heist x Free Fire collection during Plan Bermuda. They will be able to dress their characters in the iconic red jumpsuit outfit seen in the Netflix Original Series as well as two exclusive outfits inspired by the Free Fire x Money Heist partnership: the Plan Bermuda Shinobi and Kunoichi, and Plan Bermuda Street.

Plan Bermuda Shinobi and Kunoichi outfitsPlan Bermuda Shinobi and Kunoichi outfits
Plan Bermuda Street outfitsPlan Bermuda Street outfits

Players can find all of the details on Plan Bermuda both on Facebook and the dedicated Plan Bermuda event page. They will also be able to watch the first of a three-part cinematic web series that reveals how The Professor recruited Free Fire characters and planned for his greatest heist. Players are also invited to take part in an interactive video, where they can choose their own adventure and uncover different endings for themselves. Players can share their endings and receive an exclusive in-game reward.

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