EVOS Esports Win IGC 2020 Free Fire Finals with 5 Booyah!’s

Nutan Lele
1/Sep/2020 02:51 pm

EVOS Esports Free Fire bags the first place in Indonesian Games Championship 2020.
Aura Esports came in 2nd place.
The team got 5 Booyah!s in the tournament.

EVOS Esports have claimed the title of the recently concluded Indonesia Games Championship 2020. The total prize pool of the tournament was 108K USD for League of Legends, Call of Duty: Mobile, Arena of Valor, and Free Fire collectively. The men in blue and white managed to bag the top prize for the Free Fire’s tournament. 

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EVOS Esports’s run in IGC 2020

On Day 1, the matches of IGC 2020 Free Fire Finals happened after the Ladies’ matches.  EVOS Esports’ Free Fire division took the tournament by storm when they beat the other teams for not one, but four consecutive Booyahs beginning from Round 1. Their gameplay was the ideal mix of patience and well-oiled, deadly, aim. The team took its time in deciding which encounters to engage in and which to play cautiously as a Third Party. Their strategy for the last three rounds was clear. They let players from enemy teams take up fights and then swooped in at the right time to take up a fair number of kills in the games.

EVOS Esports Free Fire ended Day 1 with 222 points while Aura Esports came in 2nd place with 163, Boom Esports came in 3rd with 92. Day 2 continued to see EVOS Esports Free Fire dominate as they ended the day with 381 points which gave them a big lead over the second-place Aura Esports, which stood at 266. Bigetron Bit came in after them at 250. EVOS Esports ended things with a total of 5 Booyahs in 12 matches. Not only did the team take away the most number of Booyahs but two of EVOS Esports’ players, namely Mr05 and Abu scored the Top Kills at the IGC 2020. 

Aura Esports also ended up playing well as two of their players, Piw and Amek showed great skill and racked up the kills on the leaderboard. However, Aura Esports could not catch up to EVOS Esports to close the gap from their lead in Day 1. 

About EVOS Esports

EVOS Esports, formerly known as Zero Latitude, is a professional esports organisation based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It has competitive teams in various games such as Arena of Valor, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Free Fire among others. Their teams have managed to win multiple tournaments in the country

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