Free Fire Launches New Elite Pass, Celestial Street

Shounak Sengupta
31/Aug/2020 03:09 pm
  • Free Fire launches its new Elite Pass called Celestial Street. 
  • The pass is themed around a new story arc involving rival street gangs.

Survivors will take to the streets in Garena’s latest Elite Pass (EP) for Free Fire. The Celestial Street Elite Pass introduces a new story within the Free Fire universe filled with quarreling crews, the unprecedented sudden disappearance of the Hellkin crew leader, and two life-long friends forced to do battle over a potential misunderstanding. The new Elite Pass will also feature Celestial Street-themed rewards to be earned, such as the Street Devil Bundle and the Street Angel Bundle skin sets.

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The Celestial Street Elite Pass

The Celestial Street Elite Pass tells the story of Damon and Celeste, two friends who grew up across the street from one another but raised in different cultures and crews. Their parents tried to keep them apart to maintain the balance of power, but Damon and Celeste kept their relationship secret until she was chosen as the leader of the Celestials. Forced to break up, Damon grew envious of Celeste’s promotion while struggling to show his father he can be the leader of the Hellkin. Six years later, Damon’s father Michael disappears and the Celestials are to blame.

 In the Celestial Street Elite Pass, Survivors can earn a number of rewards that pay homage to Damon and Celeste during battle. The Street Devil and Street Angel bundles, for example, are outfits worn by Damon and Celeste when they’re fighting rival gangs. Additional rewards include the Demon Fury loot box skin, the Celestial Blade skateboard skin, the Demon Fury backpack skin, and the Dust Off emote.

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 The design of Damon and Celeste was inspired by the concept of a contemporary samurai combined with a mechanical vibe for the lower portion of their outfits. The black and red colors for Damon contrast with Celeste’s outfit covered in yellow and white.


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