Be YouNick Announces Rs. 10,00,000 PUBGM Game With A Twist

Nutan Lele
26/Aug/2020 10:36 am
  • Be YouNick announces a Most Expensive Chicken Dinner! match.
  • The match will feature a reward of Rs. 10,000 per kill and a total prize pool of Rs. 10,00,000.
  • Big names in the PUBGM scene like Sc0ut and MortaL will be playing.  

For the past few months, owing to the global lockdowns, tournament organisers and influencers have been organising numerous online tournaments. Some are looking to find new ways to add twists to their tourneys. One such idea is Be YouNick’s Rs. 10,000 per kill PUBG Mobile stand-alone, open-for-all match. It consists of a single PUBG Mobile match where each kill earns you that hefty sum. The total prize pool for the tournament stands at Rs. 10,00,000. 

Be YouNick’s YouTube channel currently has 3.87M subscribers and he does blogs with. His other channel called Be YouNick Vlogs’s latest video titled on his specialised vlog channel ‘Be YouNick Vlogs: Most Expensive Chicken Dinner! #5’, starts with him talking about transforming his channel and reviving it by making it a vlogging/gaming channel. With this context, Be YouNick then sets out to Global Esports’ office to discuss an idea for the match. He’s seen talking with Rushindra Sinha, Mohit Israney, and others discussing the plan to revive his channel.

Be YouNick’s Rs. 10,00,000 PUBGM Game 

Be YouNick's PUBG Mobile match will reward every kill in the 100-man lobby with INR 10,000, with a total prize pool for the match being Rs. 10,00,000. The match is open for all but will feature a star line-up, with the rest of the lobby filled with subscribers.

Be YouNick then sets out to bring in the big guns for the match. He starts by calling Fnatic’s star Sc0utOP and he’s immediately on board with the idea. Next up, he calls Mumbaikar Nikhil who (who he has previously collaborated with), when asked whether he plays PUBG Mobile, immediately says he is a horrible gamer, but he’s in nevertheless. 

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He finally calls MortaL which is also how the video starts but then realises that he is on his stream. He immediately makes a superchat of 5k asking him to pick up the call, to which MortaL reacts with glee. MortaL then asks his chat to start spamming BYN OP and reveals that he’s a fan of Be YouNick’s content. MortaL seals the deal with a thumbs up to the camera, indicating that he will be playing. It is still unclear if any more big names will be joining the game. 

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All in all, Be YouNick certainly has some major firepower going into this match already. With two of India’s biggest PUBG Mobile streaming sensations and a big content creator, not to mention his own fans, this Rs. 10,00,000 PUBGM Game will surely be one to watch. 


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