Vinnie Gill and Tanaya Join Marcos Gaming

Shounak Sengupta
3/Aug/2020 08:32 am

Marcos Gaming announced the addition of two new members to the organization. Vinnie Gill, a fitness, fashion, lifestyle and gaming influencer and livestreamer will be join as a content creator. Tanaya will be joining as the team's manager and will be in charge of the team's day to day activities. 

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Speaking on joining the organization, Vinnie Gill said “It is well known that the esports industry globally has been male-dominated. The number of women working in any role in esports is estimated to be around 2 in 15 gamers. However, this is changing. The esports landscape has been evolving over the past 2 years. Countries like China, South Korea, Indonesia have a lot of women who are professional gamers. These are encouraging signs and I believe that the number of women gamers over the next 2 years is going to increase significantly. I am excited to be a part of a young team like Marcos Gaming and look forward to a long and rewarding association with them.”

“The reality is that the women gamers in India haven’t got the exposure they deserve. At Marcos Gaming, we are trying to support and promote these stars so that they get an opportunity to showcase their skills and grow with the esports community in India” Sudhir Kulria, Founder of Marcos Gaming quoted. 

Marcos Gaming are on of the top teams in the Indian PUBG Mobile circuit  and were a part of the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Finals, that took place in June. The roster formerly known as Zero Degree Esports were acquired by Marcos Gaming in December 2019. After a disappointing result in PMIS 2020, the team made some changes to the roster, bringing in a young talent who goes by the name Wizzgod. 

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