Marcos Gaming Win OR Championship After 5 Days of Intense Action

Shounak Sengupta
15/May/2020 05:22 pm

Cover, thumbnail and images via @Orange Rock Esports

  • Marcos Gaming win the OR Championship - Legends Rise tournament.
  • The team placed first after 5 days and 15 maps. 

Marcos Gaming held on to their lead to win the OR Championship - Legends Rise tournament. The team will receive INR 1 lakh for their efforts along with the tag of champions. They finished the tournament as the only team with 3 chicken dinners and the most amount of placement points thanks to their consistency. 

The fifth and final day started with Marcos Gaming extending their lead with a 12 kill chicken dinner on Erangel. With only 2 maps left to play, this put them in a very comfortable position at the top. In map number 2, Marcos Gaming again made it to the top 2, this time in Vikendi, but were edged out of a 4th WWCD by former teammate, Paansingh. In the final map of the tournament, Celtz held onto their position well while TSM-Entity got 14 frags and finished second. 

The last day allowed Celtz to move into 4th place while 7Seas and Orange Rock themselves took 2nd and 3rd. Rounding of the tournament in fifth place are Fnatic, who despite a brilliant start fell flat in the last couple of days. Nonetheless, Fnatic’s Owais finished the tournament as the top fragger with 28 kills. What was interesting about the tournament was the fact that despite the fact the TSM-Entity had a tough outing, eventually finishing in 6th place, the team still notched up 87 kills, the highest in the tournament. They are also perhaps one of the only teams who have finished in the top half of the table with more kill points than placement points, a true testament to how much raw firepower the team have. 

A massive congratulations to Marcos Gaming for their win and a ggs to all the team for trying their best and providing an entertaining 5 days of action. 


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