A Recap Of PMWL East 2020 Day 1

Nutan Lele
12/Jul/2020 11:55 am

The opening weekend of the PUBG MOBILE World League (PMWL) East Season Zero is currently being played with a  total of 20 teams competing. The opening weekend results will be used to seed the teams into 5 groups of 4 teams each for the league play which will happen from 14th July to 2nd August. The top 16 teams on the scoreboard will move into the finals where the new PMWL East 2020 champion will be crowned. 

Although 20 teams qualified for PMWL East, only 19 teams played on day 1 with the final match seeing OR and TeamIND going in with 3 man squads due to some issues. FreeStyle, the Pakistani roster were not able to compete due to the ban on PUBG recently enacted in the country. 

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Scoreboards of PMWL East 2020 Day 1

PMWL East Day 1: Overall RankingPMWL East Day 1: Overall Ranking
PMWL East Day 1: Overall RankingPMWL East Day 1: Overall Ranking

A total of five games were played during Day 1 of PMWL East and Bigetron RA won two chicken dinners back to back to land up on top of the leaderboard with 89 points followed by Orange Rock with 64 points and Yoodo Gank with 49 points.

Match 1 - Erangel

PMWL East Day 1: Match 1PMWL East Day 1: Match 1
PMWL East Day 1: Match 1PMWL East Day 1: Match 1

T1 Missile took first blood bringing down Valdus Esports’ VELMOTH. After a brief skirmish with Bigetron’s Zuxxy, MegaStars went head to head against GXR Celtz as they caught the Celtz off guard. Team IND took up an aggressive play against Megastars and Slayer took out Encore. BTR took up a bridge camp fight against TSM Entity and Luxxy took out 3 members of TSM Entity including Jonathan, ZGOD and Neyoo while Zuxxy finished off ClutchGod. The final fight was a faceoff against BTR’s 3 players against T1 Sayden and Team IND’s Kratos. Sayden fell first after which Kratos took out Zuxxy while Luxxy picked up the kill on him. BTR picked up the first chicken dinner of PMWL East Match 1. 

Match 2 - Vikendi 

PMWL East Day 1: Match 2PMWL East Day 1: Match 2
PMWL East Day 1: Match 2PMWL East Day 1: Match 2
The second match started off with a skirmish between Team Secret and NoChanceTeam and the latter took out almost all the members of Secret with BiuBiu surviving. As the circle closed in GXR Celtz’s Attanki took out a player from Morph and MegaStars’ Paradoxx ended up taking out NoChanceTeam’s Offdels and damages Heineken. Orange Rock took up a skirmish against BOX Gaming and damaged 2 of their players. Gill knocked out BreaK and GXR Celtz takes out the last member of Team Secret, BiuBiu. No Chance’s Heineken took out Megastars’ VeXe and Owais killed Heineken. After this SynerGE’s squad takes out King of Gamers Club’s CONCEPT and PUFFER but later fall to OR Gill, Mavi and Sc0utOP. A fight broke out between GXR Celtz and U Level Up and Celtz takes out 3 members. BTR kept a low profile throughout the match but ended up nabbing 8 kills with OR not far behind ending the game with a whopping 11 kills. BTR picked up its second and back-to-back chicken dinner of PMWL East Day 1.  

Match 3 - Miramar

PMWL East Day 1: Match 3PMWL East Day 1: Match 3
PMWL East Day 1: Match 3PMWL East Day 1: Match 3
The match started off with a bang, as T1 Sayden took the first kill on Valdus’ GODDARD while RRQ battled it out with NoChanceTeam. Within minutes, TSM Entity’s Neyoo and Jonathan got taken out by Team Secret. ZGOD knocks out BiuBiu and MADTOI before being knocked down by uHigh. ClutchGod took out MADTOI, iShot, uHigh and finished off BiuBiu. SynerGE took on Team IND and took out KRATOS while Megastars’ VeXe took out U Level Up’s members. Yoodo took out Megastars’ VeXe as a 3-way fight broke out between TSM Entity, BTR and SynerGE. Luxxy falls to ZGOD as Ted takes out ClutchGod. ZGOD grenades Microboy knocking him and killing off Luxxy. Team IND takes on KOG and T1 at the same time, knocking 1 member from each. KOG’s CONCEPT takes out Slayer. ZGOD takes out BTR Ryzen and Zuxxy takes out KOG BRAGA. ZGOD takes this opportunity to knock Zuxxy before falling to Microboy. The match ends with Morph getting a chicken dinner followed by BTR and Team IND coming in 3rd. 

Match 4 - Sanhok

PMWL East Day 1: Match 4PMWL East Day 1: Match 4
PMWL East Day 1: Match 4PMWL East Day 1: Match 4

As soon as the teams drop on Paradise Resort, a fight breaks out between Valdus Esports and Megastars with Owais getting knocked but Megastars manage to take out the whole Valdus team losing only Owais in the process. VeXe gets two knocks as RRQ faced off against SynerGE taking out Ted and zigsaw while AustinX takes out D2E. RRQ end up taking out Seervi, and going 3v1 against AustinX who gets taken out. U Level Up took a fight against TSM Entity as ChaXin takes out ClutchGod and BOX Gaming take out BTR’s Zuxxy. Orange Rock end up taking out 2 members of RCS in an aggressive play while Team IND and GXR Celtz fall to the play zone and Box Gaming respectively. NovaGodlike eliminated U Level Up from the match after which a 4-way fight breaks out with OR Gill taking out BTR Luxxy and Zuxxy as RRQ and GXR Celtz fall to each other and the play zone at Paradise Resort. The match ends with OR esports in a tie with RRQ Athena with 12 kill points each but the former nabs the chicken dinner of the 4th match of PMWL East Day 1. 

Match 5 -  Erangel

PMWL East Day 1: Match 5PMWL East Day 1: Match 5
PMWL East Day 1: Match 5 PMWL East Day 1: Match 5

T1 and Valdus Esports dropped near Rozhok and began skirmishing with T1 taking out 3 members from Valdus. While this was happening, SynerGE took up a fight against U Level Up with Seervi taking out Winter. RRQ Athena ends up taking out Morph’s players near Georgopol. TSM Entity’s ClutchGod ended up taking out Yoodo ManParang with Jumper knocking out Jonathan. KOG ended up joining the fight and knocks ClutchGod and NoChanceTeam takes out ZGOD. Jonathan, now revived, takes out ChocoNutX and the game ends with Valdus Esports taking their first chicken dinner of PMWL East 2020 followed by GXR Celtz and KOG.        

Technical issues during PMWL East 2020 Day 1

PMWL East 2020 was originally scheduled to start on 10th July at 5.30 PM IST and had to be postponed after players using the iOS version faced several glitches. Just an hour prior to the scheduled matches, PUBG Mobile and other apps started crashing on launch. PUBG Mobile took out a statement acknowledging the problem and decided to postpone the PMWL East and West 2020. PMWL East Day 1 had been rescheduled to the next day, Saturday - 11th July, at 5.30 PM IST.

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TSM Entity player Jonathan took to Instagram Live to talk about the ping issues faced the players faced during the first match of PMWL East Day 1. TSM Entity ended the day at the bottom of the table but fans of the team still have their hopes up for the upcoming days of PMWL East 2020. During the last match of the day, Match 5, Orange Rock’s Viru could not join in time as he was called away on an interview and both OR and Team IND ended up with 3-man squads for the PMWL East 2020.


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