Fnatic Rising - Everything You Need To Know

Shounak Sengupta
23/Jun/2020 03:26 pm

The recently announced Fnatic Rising program is something that a lot of young gamers are excited for. It offers a unique opportunity that will see one player be given a professional contract with the Fnatic PUBG MOBILE team and aims to find the next undiscovered star in the Indian scene. 

What is Fnatic Rising?

The Fnatic Rising program will see competitors take part in teams and climb through successive rounds, to reach the top 10 of the competition. From thereon out, they will be thought as individual players, who will then compete with each other for the top spot. The Fnatic Rising program will last for a period of 7-8 months.

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Dates and Eligibility

The registrations for the event will be going live on the June 25. A link for the same will be shared on the official Fnatic PUBG MOBILE Instagram handle. Interested teams will be able to register themselves till July.  The age limit for participants has been lowered from 18-23 to 16-23 after taking feedback from the community. Additionally, players will also have to have a minimum rank of platinum 5 in the game. The first 10,000 teams will be given spots in the program. To register for the Fnatic Rising program, find the registrations link here.  


The format for the Fnatic Rising will be as follows: 

Phase 1 - Qualifier Phase which is divided into 4 stages:

  • Stage 1

Assuming a total of 10,000 teams. 500 groups of 20 teams will be created with the top 5 teams from each group moving onto the next stage. The top 20 teams who have the highest kills will also be moving onto stage 2. This will be a knockout round with just 1 match.

  • Stage 2 

2520 teams will again be divided into 126 groups of 20 teams each. Each group will play out 2 matches each and the top 5 teams from each group will move onto stage 3. 

  • Stage 3 

The 630 qualified teams will be joined by the top 10 teams with the highest kills to make a total of 640 teams. These teams will be separated into 32 groups of 20 teams. Each group will play 2/3 matches each and the top 5 teams from each group will qualify to stage 4. 

  • Stage 4 

The 160 qualified teams will be split into 8 groups of 20 teams each. Each group will play 3 matches each and the top 5 teams from each group will make it to Phase 2. 

Phase 2 - League Phase 

The league stage will again be divided into 2 stages. 

  • Stage 1 Qualifiers 

The 40 teams will be split into 4 groups of 10 teams each. Over a 6 day period, two groups per day will play out their matches. Each group will play every other group for a total of 5 matches which means that in total, each team will play 15 matches. The bottom 10 teams at the end of the league stage will be eliminated. 

  • Stage 2 

The 30 teams will again be split into 3 groups of 10 teams each. Teams from each group will play teams from each other across 2 game days for a period of 6 days with 5 matches per day. Each team will play a total of 20 matches, 10 each against teams from every other group. The top 20 teams will move on to Phase 3.

Phase 3 - Main Event 

This phase will have a league stage and a finals stage. 

  • Fnatic Rising League

The top 20 teams will be split into 4 groups of 5 teams each. 4 groups at a time will play each other in a round robin format for a total of 40 matches. This means that each team will play a total of 32 matches in this stage. The top 16 teams will qualify for the grand finals.  

  • Grand Finale

The top 16 teams will play out a 3 day grand finals. Efforts are being made to make this an offline event. The 4 members of the winning team will obviously be a part of the Fnatic Rising program. Additionally another 6 players, who are deemed worthy will be chosen from among the other teams who are participating in the finals. 

Fnatic Rising FAQs

What will happen to the 10 chosen players at the end?

The top 10 players will be flown down to Mumbai for a period of 15-25 days. The costs for this will be born by Fnatic. Players will be put through various tests and at the end, the top contestant will be offered a pro contract with the organization. 

What will happen to the other 9 players?

The other 9 players will receive a streaming contract with Loco, which will enable them to support themselves and look for other existing opportunities. They will be be free to join other teams and lineups as and when they get opportunities and there will be no obligations from Fnatic. Fnatic's development partner, will also help the players with funding and supporting them and if required, some players will be able to continue their own teams and hopefully find ways to integrate into the ecosystem. 

Owais, Aurum and Ash from Fnatic

Guidance from established players such as Owais and Ash will be invaluable for upcoming players | Images via Instagram

What does a pro contract with Fnatic mean?

The pro contract will essentially enable the player to be a part of the main lineup. While initially they may just be a substitute, over time there will be efforts to integrate them into the main lineup.  

What type of training and guidance can participants expect? 

The current players who are a part of Fnatic, along with their coach will involved in the last few stages of the competition to help guide the teams. Additionally there are plans to bring in other pro players as consultants to be a part of this program. Outside the game, players will also be taken through the professional aspect of things such as understanding contracts and the skills required to build a brand on social media. 



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