PUBG MOBILE World League To Be Played Online; Dates and Prize Pool Revealed

Shounak Sengupta
13/Jun/2020 04:08 pm

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  • PUBG announces changes to ongoing season. 
  • World League Season Zero Will be a month long season with a $850,000 prize pool. 

During a broadcast of the currently ongoing PUBG MOBILE South Asia Finals, esports director, James Yang announced the company's decision to move the PUBG MOBILE World League, online. With the health and safety of the players and the staff being priority number one, it simply wasn't feasible to keep a LAN for the tournaments. The initial decision had been that both the World League East and West Divisions will be played offline but given the current restrictions, it won't be possible. 

The PUBG MOBILE esports team has come up with a solution that will allow teams from different countries to play in the same tournament. As a result, the team has made changes to the format and number of slots per region, as was recently announced. Additionally, this season of the World League will not be a part of the regular season leading up to the World Championship, but a special standalone event. It will be termed as the World League season zero and will take place in two divisions, the East and West League. 

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PMWL Season Zero will be a one month league from the July 10 to August 9. Games for the east division will kick off at 6:00 PM IST and for the west division at 12:30 AM IST. Season zero will also include a $850,000 prize pool which includes the base prize pool, attendance fees and MVP awards. This makes it the biggest amount given out for a single event in the history of PUBG MOBILE Esports. The full list of teams for both divisions is as follows: 

James also revealed a teaser of the PUBG MOBILE esports studio in Katowice, Poland that Tencent has built in collaboration ESL. The studio will be used for future competitions once travelling and LANs are deemed safe. 




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