South Asia Gets 2 Additional Slots in World League; SynerGE Secures Spot Due To League Stage Performance

Shounak Sengupta
11/Jun/2020 02:55 pm
  • PUBG MOBILE has added 2 extra slots in the World League East Division.
  • Both slots have been given to South Asia. 

The PUBG MOBILE gods have blessed the South Asian region as more slots have been added to the World League, in turn allowing more teams from the region to play internationally. The total number of slots in the World League has risen from 16 to 18, with both the new slots being awarded to the South Asia region. 

One of the slots has already gone to SynerGE, who placed 4th in the league stage, while the other one will be decided via the finals. This means that the top 3 teams in the finals stage barring the 4 teams who have already qualified will be moving on to the World League East Division. There is a high likelihood that more slots are added to the World League, which will be given to other regions such as SEA, South Korea, Japan, Wildcard and/or Chinese Taipei. 

With this, the 4 teams who have qualified to the World League via the PMPL South Asia League stage are: 

Orange Rock #1 seed

TSM-Entity #2 seed

Godlike #3 seed 

SynerGE #4seed


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