PMIS 2020 - Number of Qualifier Slots Increased After Community Complains

Shounak Sengupta
8/Jun/2020 09:14 am
  • PUBG MOBILE India increases the number of qualified teams in PMIS 2020 from 248 to 992. 
  • The moves comes after many members of the community complained about the lack of transparency in the qualification process. 

A recent controversy saw many players and teams who had taken part in the PUBG MOBILE India Series 2020 Open Qualifiers, call out the organizer for a lack of transparency. They claimed that teams with lower scores and results had made the cut and there was no fair way to ascertain what criteria had been used to decide which teams would qualify. Among some of the teams who had failed to secure qualification were 8bit and Reckoning Esports. 

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Earlier today the PUBG MOBILE India handle officially released a statement in which they announced that they would be increasing the number of teams from 248 to 992. They will be releasing a list of qualified teams as well along with updating the format to reflect the same. This should put an end to the matter and bring more closure to the competing teams. The series of incidents also shows the power of the community and the need for being vocal about issues with the publishers. We thank all the community members, players, teams and content creators who spoke up on the issue to bring it to light. 


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