Teams Cry Foul After Lack Of Transparency In PMIS Qualification Process Raises Questions

Shounak Sengupta
6/Jun/2020 04:58 pm
  • Teams are not happy with the lack of transparency in the PMIS 2020 open qualifiers.
  • There have been claims that many teams with lower scores have been selected over those with higher scores. 

The currently ongoing PUBG MOBILE India Series Open Qualifiers has been engulfed in controversy after many players and teams alleged that the selection criteria was not consistent. PMIS 2020 has open qualifiers that require teams to play 15 matches, with the 10 best ones being counted. The part of the competition known as the in-game qualifiers will see 248 team’s advance to the next stage. However, as it turns out, known team’s such as 8bit and Reckoning Esports have failed to advance to the next stage despite claims that they crushed the competition average 35+ kills with wins in the 10 matches. With teams with lower scores making the cut, many are calling out the organizers for a lack of transparency.

 Image via @8bit

While some players and teams have tried to contact the officials regarding the situation, there has been no official statement regarding this from PUBG MOBILE. There’s also a section of the community who believes that the officials made a mistake when selecting the teams and there has been some miscommunication regarding the same. Reckoning Esports, an Indian organization released a statement regarding the same incident while 8bit also spoke about the incident on social media.

While a lot of discussion around the topic is based on speculation and hearsay, what is evident is the fact that there is a lack of transparency in the process. A clear indication of what the criteria for qualification is very necessary to ensure that the integrity of the competition is upheld. While many teams have provided examples of high K/Ds and other comparable stats, PUBG MOBILE themselves have not mentioned what the criteria for qualification is. On top of this, a publicly available list mentioning which teams have qualified based on what parameter should also be made available. This will go a long way in ensuring fair play and give teams the parameters that have been used to measure them. 

AFK Gaming has reached out to PUBG MOBILE for a comment on the topic but is yet to hear back on the same. 


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