Free Fire To Launch New Patch Featuring New Character and New Anti-Hack Measures

Shounak Sengupta
2/Jun/2020 06:08 pm

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  • Garena Free Fire will launch its latest patch tomorrow with a number of changes that the community have requested. 
  • This includes the return of Purgatory - Classic, New anti hacking systems and a new character among other balance updates. 

The first season of Free Fire’s Clash Squad - Ranked will begin on June 4, 2020. Season 1 will add features such as a new leaderboard for kills and win rate, a career performance page in the player’s profile, temporary bans for Survivors who leave too often during matches, and seasonal rank rewards. Players who reach Gold III will be rewarded with a Clash Squad - Ranked season 1 exclusive Desert Eagle gunskin, The Golden Eagle.

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 New anti-hack systems are being implemented into the game to ensure no one is getting an edge over competitors through the use of unauthorized third-party programs. Permanent bans will be issued to any player who is found to be cheating.

Free Fire’s latest patch also includes the return of Purgatory - Classic, a new version of Bomb Squad with more obvious objectives, additional Emote slots per Survivor, Active Skill Exchange between characters, and the new M82B sniper rifle that’s capable of penetrating the gloo wall!

A new character called Wolfrahh  has also been added along with the first flying pet, Falco. Wolfrahh is a 19-year old Swedish video game streamer and esports player whose in-game skill, Limelight, is powered by his viewers. With every additional viewer that tunes in or every additional kill made, damage taken from headshots decreases by while damage he inflicts on the enemy’s limbs also increases.

You can read the full patch notes here. The patch will go live on June 2nd. 


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