Free Fire Anti Cheat Team Announces Operation Cut Cord As Over 3.8 Million Cheaters Detected

Shounak Sengupta
2/Jun/2020 11:25 am

Cover and thumbnail via @Garena Free Fire

  • Free Fire has been working on removing hackers and cheaters from their game.
  • A total of 3.8 Million accounts have been caught using cheats or hacks.

The developers behind Free Fire have announced that they are upping their anti hack features and taking active steps to ensure fair play in the game. A recent spike in cheaters and hackers has been the key narrative behind Free Fire in the recent weeks with top pro players and streamers too being caught of unethical practises. An initial attempt by Free Fire saw over 700,000 accounts being banned.

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In an official post the team revealed that they decided that more changes needed to be made which led to the birth of Operation Cut Cord. As they rolled out an enhanced anti hack system, over 3.8 Million accounts were flagged and subsequently wiped. The team will also be working on new scripts and hacks and also looking to implement some fixes to prevent cheaters from making new accounts. They’ve also promised that they’ve made another technical breakthrough that could potentially lead another big  ban wave. All this will be part of phase 1 of Operation Cut Cord and the team will continue to work on and develop their anti-cheat as they try to keep their game clean. 



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