PMPL South Asia To Resume on 22nd May

Shounak Sengupta
19/May/2020 05:28 pm
  • PMPL South Asia to resume on 22nd of March.
  • This marks the end of a 2 month long break caused by COVID-19. 

PMPL South Asia will kick off on the 22nd month, nearly 2 months since the tournament went on an indefinite break following the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent state of  lockdown imposed by the Indian government. As per the official announcement, the tournament will be played out until the 14th of June. 

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This means that there are 4 weeks of play including the final weekend which will be the grand finals involving the top 16 teams from the league. The tournament of course is divided into the league stage and the finals. In March, the league stage kicked off with 2 days of the opening week being played out before the tournament was indefinitely postponed.With the event resuming on 19th, the remaining 2 days from week 1 will be played out on the opening weekend with the rest of the weeks starting on Thursdays as per the usual schedule. However this has not been confirmed by the officials. We do know that games will kick off at 6:30 PM IST on all match days. 

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