PMPL South Asia Games Postponed Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Shounak Sengupta
21/Mar/2020 02:05 pm

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The Covid-19 situation is rapidly becoming more serious day by day and affecting more and more sectors as the weeks go by. While esports has already felt the pinch, organizers have tried various creative approaches to shifting their broadcast online. However in India, even that process has taken a hit as earlier today the organizers behind PMPL South Asia announced that this weekends games will be postponed following government requests in the area requiring everyone to stay at home and observe a curfew, with only essential staff being allowed to operate. 

According to a statement put out by PUBG Mobile India, this weekend’s games (21st and 22nd March) will be postponed to next week. The games which were rescheduled to take place on these two days will now take place on Monday and Tuesday ie, 23rd and 24th March. While the entire country encouraged to work from home as far as possible and most institutions, offices, schools and public places on lockdown till at least the 31st of March, there is a chance that more games might be postponed. However, the organizers have said that they are working with government officials to ensure that the rest of the games can take place as scheduled. 

This isn't the first time that PMPL South Asia faced issues due to the Coronavirus situation. Earlier this month, a decision was made to shift the entire tournament online. 

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