"Exploring other platforms like Console and Mobile” Confirms Valorant Game Director

Shounak Sengupta
21/Apr/2020 01:02 am

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  • Valorant Game Director confirms that the team are exploring options to take Valorant to other platforms. 

In an interview with The Express Online, Valorant Game Director, Joe Ziegler confirmed that the team are exploring options with regards to Valorant being available on platforms other than PC. The news comes after a recent data mining experiment on the game revealed assets for mobile versions. 

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Valorant has been one of the most popular titles in recent weeks, despite the game being in beta and there has been quite a bit of conversation regarding the future of the game and potential esport success. Riot has also expressed interest in developing the esports side of things and with their previous success with League, a lot of eyes are on them. So much so that organizations such as Cloud9 and T1 have already started assembling teams to represent them in tournaments. 

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While the game is currently only available for PC and that too for a limited player base, the hype around the game is truly something that the entire esports industry has rallied around. While the expectation for a mobile and console release is there, it’s not realistic to expect that to happen anytime soon since the game is not even out of beta. 

“While we are exploring other platforms like console and mobile, right now the team is working hard to deliver a top notch experience on PC.” said Ziegler in the interview. While everyone is waiting with baited breath for the actual PC Live release, Riot has not forgotten the huge mobile market either. With League of Legends launching on mobile as Wild Rift soon, Riot's has shown that they are committed to making their games available to the maximum 


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