Sc0utOP on Fnatic’s Performance - Give Us One Week To Prove Ourselves

Shounak Sengupta
9/Apr/2020 08:24 am

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  • Scout asks fans for one week of no judgement as the team looks to bounce back. 
  • Says that the team are working on new strats and a new style and will focus on their gunfights during this time.

Tanmay ‘Sc0utOP’ Singh requested his fans to give him and his team one week to prove themselves and bounce back after a recent string of bad performances had the audience questioning their potential. Representing one of the top brands in Indian esports, Fnatic, Scoutand his teammates have had a tough going in recent weeks. Combined with some below par performances, increased scrutiny and bad blood between teammates, the Fnatic train has come to a screeching halt, with many questioning whether this team has the right ingredients to make it work.

The current COVID-19 situation has left the team stuck in various parts of the country and the lack of face time with each other with the absence of a healthy social life is also a possible factor causing the downfall. Two recent controversies included Fnatic players - the first with Sc0utOP blasting his team on stream and another involving Ronak who spoke of the increased pressure due to past incidents and called out many other members of the Indian PUBG Mobile community. While both incidents are now in the past and have been resolved, it’s evident that a lot of the players aren’t dealing too well with the situation. Fnatic’s troubles continued to pile on as the team failed to impress with their gameplay in the game. Frequent arguments between players is commonplace and paints a bad picture, especially when taking place on a stream in front of a live audience. 

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However, it seems as if the team has finally managed to put a stop to their downward spiral and will look to haul themselves back to the top again. In a recent live stream, Scout asked his fans for one week of time for him and his team to prove themselves. He asked the fans to not judge the team’s performance and their strategies during this time as he said that the team’s only goal during the week will be to focus on improving and working on a few specific things, rather than winning. He explained that the team will not be playing for points and positions during this time and take more engagements to help them identify and improve on their mistakes. He also mentioned that the team is working on new strategies and experimenting with new styles of play which will help them solve a lot of ongoing issues. 

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This certainly comes as positive news for Fnatic fans, after what has been a tough few weeks or even months. While it seems as if the team is finally ready to address their issues and work on them, fans can only hope that something good comes of it. The current lock down means that official tournaments such as the PMPL South Asia have been postponed indefinitely and that is good news for the team, who can focus on scrims and online tournaments to help sharpen their skills. While there is little doubt about the individual skills of any of the Fnatic players, sometimes slumps like these are not uncommon even for the best teams and players. Fnatic’s success, both as a brand and as a team is going to be a very important factor in Indian esports and the team has always managed to stay in the spotlight despite their performances. It will be interesting to see how the players handle the current situation and are able to bounce and react when the going gets tough.  


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