Former Indian Cricket Captain MS Dhoni Has Switched to Call of Duty: Mobile According to Teammate

Shounak Sengupta
7/Apr/2020 10:44 am

World cup winning Indian cricket captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a reputation for his love for videogames and specifically, PUBG MOBILE. The 38-year old wicket keeper may have been one of the top players in cricket during his prime, but he was also one of the first celebrities who was spotted playing the PUBG, when it burst onto the scene. In fact, many players in the Indian camp are known to enjoy a game of PUBG Mobile while on tour and in between practice and matches, to relax.

While his love for the game was publicized quite a bit, it seems as if the player has now found a new game to enjoy - Call of Duty: Mobile. His teammate in Chennai Super Kings, Deepak Chahar recently revealed that Dhoni now prefers playing COD: Mobile in an interview that was aired on the CSK Facebook Page. The player talked about how he is spending his time during the lock down and said that he is still playing PUBG Mobile. However, when quizzed about whether MS Dhoni has been joining him, he revealed that the former India captain prefers Call of Duty right now. In fact, he did play the game with Deepak as a one off recently, but his skills seem to have been quite rusty. 

With Dhoni's cricket playing days coming to an end, will the player make some moves into the world of esports? Maybe if not as a player, as a team owner or investor? In North America, a lot of mainstream sports athletes including names such as Michael Jordan have begun to realize the potential and reach of esports. It won't be too long before India does the same. 


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